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How GunTab works

It's like PayPal, except we hold the funds until the end

Escrow is the only safe way

GunTab is like PayPal or Venmo because we empower you with easy online payments by credit card and bank account.

But GunTab is fundamentally different because GunTab is escrow. We collect the payment from the buyer at the beginning, then hold it until the buyer has a chance to receive the merchandise. This is how we can double guarantee that buyers are safe from scams and sellers are safe from chargebacks. Nobody else offers this kind of protection.

Transaction steps

Every GunTab transaction follows these basic steps:

  1. Buyer/Seller agreement
  2. Buyer preferences, verification, and payment
  3. Seller shipment
  4. Buyer 3-day inspection period
  5. Seller disbursement

Want more details? See our transaction step guide. But the best way to learn is to try. Don't worry, it's easy. Just get started and let GunTab guide you.

Expected timeline

A typical transaction takes less than 10 days from payment to disbursement.
  1. Payment

    4 business days max

    Buyer pays by credit card, bank account, or wire transfer
    Credit cards are instant. Bank accounts take 4 business days. Some payment methods must be verified before use.
  2. Shipping

    1-8 days

    Seller ships the merchandise to the buyer or buyer FFL
    After payment processing is complete, GunTab instructs the seller to ship. Shipping time depends on when the seller ships and the shipping service.
  3. Inspection

    3 days max

    Buyer inspects the merchandise
    After the shipment is delivered, the buyer has 3 days to inspect the merchandise and, if necessary, file a dispute. Learn more.
  4. Disbursement

    1-2 business days

    Seller gets paid after successful transaction
    After the buyer accepts the purchase, GunTab deposits the funds to the seller's bank account. Banks take 1-2 business days to process disbursements.

How to use GunTab as a buyer

Watch a detailed explanation for sending a payment offer:

Check the numbers

Want to see the buyer payment and seller disbursement for any transaction? Try our Transaction Calculator.