Automatic sales tax exemptions

Automatic sales tax exemptions

GunTab now supports automatic sales tax exemptions. Simply provide your documentation, and we'll mark your GunTab account as "sales tax exempt". Then your sales tax amount will be set to zero when you're buying.

What changed?

Previously, buyers needed to set sales tax to zero on every transaction. They could send a "payment offer" with sales tax of zero, or ask the seller to send a "payment request" with sales tax of zero. That could be annoying for buyers. Or worse, if they weren't paying attention, they might accept a payment request with non-zero sales tax, and end up paying sales tax when they didn't intend to.

GunTab now invites buyers to send documentation of their sales tax exemption, so GunTab can mark their account as "sales tax exempt". Then when sending a payment offer, or receiving a payment request with no sales tax amount, sales tax is automatically set to zero.

Why require documentation?

We ask buyers to share documentation of their sales tax exemption so we can vet it on behalf of sellers. This allows us to provide some assurance to sellers that the exemption is legitimate. Many sellers have never seen this sort of documentation before, and don't know how to vet it themselves. This is the same approach used by GunBroker for sales tax exemptions.

Why not share data with GunBroker?

GunBroker and GunTab both allow users to declare sales tax exemptions. Unfortunately, a sales tax exemption on one platform is not automatically reflected on the other platform. GunTab is not affiliated with GunBroker, so has no way to see which GunBroker users are tax exempt.

Why support sales tax exemptions?

It's surprisingly common for people and businesses to be exempt from sales tax in their jurisdiction. For example, a person might be exempt due to their age. Or a business might be exempt because they buy "for resale".

Given how common sales tax exemptions are, GunTab wants to fully support them by inviting buyers to formally enable "sales tax exempt" status.

How to request sales tax exemption?

You can ask GunTab to mark your account as sales tax exempt by following the documentation instructions.

Why use GunTab?

GunTab is the safest, easiest payments for GunBroker, Armslist, and everywhere else online. We provide full protection for both buyers and sellers on every transaction, plus step-by-step guidance for regulated transactions. It's free to open an account, try it now.