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Buying a gun online?

Only one way is safe and easy

Reduce your risk of getting scammed

Do business safely with strangers

Don't want to expose your payment information, or trust a stranger with your entire payment? Only GunTab empowers you to safely do business with anyone. Our better-than-bank security protects your payment information, and our escrow approach protects your money.

Payment by credit card, bank account, or wire transfer

Pay by credit card or bank account

Don't want to pay by money order or check because you would rather pay online? Only GunTab empowers you to pay anyone by credit card or bank account. Plus, we can securely store your payment method for next time. It couldn't be easier.

Step by step guidance through each transaction

Get transaction-specific guidance

Want some extra assurance that you're doing everything by the book? Only GunTab provides step-by-step guidance for every transaction. We help you understand the regulatory requirements and shipping policies of your particular transaction, whether it's for ordinary firearms, NFA items, ammunition, magazines, etc.

See how it works

Watch a short video on how to send a "payment offer" to a seller: How to use GunTab as a buyer.