Our Double Guarantee

Double Guarantee seal (guarantee from nawicon on Flaticon)

Only GunTab guarantees you're safe.

Buyer guarantee: No scams

GunTab guarantees buyers are fully protected against scams. If a purchase isn't delivered, or it's significantly different from what the seller described, the buyer is entitled to a full refund after filing a dispute. When a buyer pays through GunTab, the funds they send are completely safe.

Ever bought gun-related merchandise from an online marketplace? Then you know the anxiety of sending money to a stranger on the internet. Nobody feels good about the "pay and pray" approach. If you accidentally pay a scammer, your money is gone forever. GunTab believes that's not fair. That's why we offer our no-scam guarantee.

Seller guarantee: No chargebacks

GunTab guarantees sellers are fully protected against chargebacks. If a buyer pays, and the seller delivers what was paid for, the seller is entitled to full protection if the buyer files a chargeback. When a seller gets paid through GunTab, the funds they receive are truly and completely theirs.

Ever experienced a chargeback through a payment platform or credit card processor? Then you know how frustrating it can be. Your money is withdrawn from your account without your knowledge or permission. Then you have to fight to get it back. You may not win the fight, even if you did everything right. GunTab believes that's not fair. That's why we offer our no-chargeback guarantee.

How we can offer guarantees

GunTab offers guarantees when nobody else does. That's possible because we have the safest payments. Our escrow protects your money. Our better-than-bank security protects your data. Our step-by-step guidance protects your transaction. No other option comes close to being this safe.