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GunTab charges a 2.9% fee.
You choose who pays.

FFL discount

Verified FFL users pay a reduced service fee of 2.5%, both when buying and selling.

How is the fee calculated?

The service fee applies to the purchase price alone, not the shipping cost or sales tax. For example, GunTab's service fee is $29 when the purchase price is $1,000.

Any payment method convenience fee will be collected separately.

Who pays the fee?

GunTab is escrow, so we let you decide who pays GunTab's service fee:

  • Buyer
  • Seller
  • 50/50 split

Is the fee competitive?

GunTab's 2.9% service fee is cheaper than other platforms with purchase protection:

(Venmo, Zelle, and others do not have meaningful purchase protection.)

However, it's not fair to compare GunTab to these other services. Nothing else can come close.

Nobody else protects gun and ammo transactions. PayPal, Escrow.com, Venmo, Zelle, GunBroker Pay – all of them leave buyers and sellers seriously vulnerable to various scams. Only GunTab protects your money, because only GunTab is gun-friendly escrow. That means you can't beat GunTab at any price.