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GunTab charges a small fee,
you choose who pays

Verified FFL


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Who pays the fee?

GunTab is escrow, so you decide who pays the service fee:

  • Buyer
  • Seller
  • 50/50 split

For example, with a 50/50 split, a verified FFL pays only 1.25%.

Is the fee paid on canceled transactions?

No, the service fee only applies to successful transactions. Unlike the alternatives, our success depends on your success. If a transaction is canceled, or successfully disputed, we charge no service fee.

How is the fee calculated?

The service fee applies to the purchase price alone, not the shipping cost or sales tax.

If the buyer or seller is a verified FFL, the discounted service fee applies (regardless who is paying the fee).

Any payment method convenience fee will be collected separately.

What are some examples?

These are simple examples of how the service fee is calculated:

Standard service fee
  • Purchase price: $1,000
  • Shipping and insurance: $35
  • Sales tax: $70
  • Service fee: $29   (2.9% x $1,000)
Verified FFL service fee*
  • Purchase price: $1,000
  • Shipping and insurance: $50
  • Service fee: $25   (2.5% x $1,000)
* If buyer or seller is a verified FFL
To see how it works, try our transaction calculator.

Is the fee competitive?

Nobody has a better fee on purchase protection:

Purchase protection is not generally available from Zelle, Venmo, etc.

It's not fair to compare

It's not fair to compare GunTab to the alternatives. Nothing else can come close.

Nothing else protects gun-related transactions. (In fact, payment platforms like PayPal actually increase your risk of bans and scams.) Nothing else guides you through regulated transactions. Nothing else sends shipment delivery notifications to your phone. You can't beat GunTab at any price.