Venmo vs GunTab

Buyers frequently get scammed with Venmo, but not with GunTab.

What is Venmo?

Venmo is an alternative to GunTab. It is a payment platform that transfers money from one party to another through a smartphone app. It describes itself as "fast, safe, social payments".

Do scammers use Venmo?

Yes, scammers frequently request payment by Venmo because it does not protect buyers. As indicated by, Venmo is one of the most commonly accepted payment methods for gun scams.

Side-by-side comparison

GunTab Venmo
Guns/ammo/parts allowed X
Bank payments
Card payments
Payments not limited X
Buyers safe X
Sellers safe X
Safety guaranteed X
Guidance X
Automations X
Service fee 2.9% None
Fee on success only X

How good is Venmo?

Venmo is a very popular way for people to handle payments online. But it prohibits gun-related transactions and makes users vulnerable to various scams.

Guns, ammo, parts, and accessories prohibited

Like all the payment platforms, Venmo strictly prohibits gun-related transactions, saying: "You may not use Venmo to conduct transactions that ... involve ammunition, firearms, firearm parts or accessories". If Venmo catches you violating its policy, it will permanently ban you and may even seize your money.

Buyers vulnerable

Venmo offers purchase protection, but it rarely applies. Venmo says: "When you're a buyer who makes a Qualifying Payment, the Venmo Purchase Protection Program may entitle you to a refund of the full purchase price of the item plus the original shipping costs". But most payments are not Qualifying Payments. Unless you paid a registered business or used a Venmo-branded debit card, you did not make a Qualifying Payment. Also, you are obviously not protected if you are violating Venmo policy by buying guns, ammo, parts, or accessories.

Sellers vulnerable

Sellers are vulnerable to chargebacks on every payment. Venmo says: "If you receive a payment through a business profile or for otherwise selling goods and services (such as when a sender identifies a payment as for goods and services) and that payment is later refunded or invalidated for any reason, you are responsible for the full amount of the payment sent to you plus any fees".

Which is better?

In short, using Venmo for guns, ammo, or accessories is a big mistake. You have no protection from scams or chargebacks, and you even put your money at risk of being seized by Venmo. GunTab is totally safe, and even helps you complete your transactions. GunTab is clearly the better choice.