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Selling a gun online?

GunTab is the safe, easy way to get paid.

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Safest payments

Without GunTab, selling firearms online means you're risking canceled payments. If a Buyer cancels a check, or issues a chargeback on a credit card, you could lose the money even if you've shipped the product. Think you're safe using PayPal, Google Wallet, or Square? They don't allow firearm transactions. Why would they help you if you've violated their terms? GunTab was created to offer Sellers a safer way to get paid. You can feel confident in every sale.

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Easiest transactions

It doesn't matter where you're selling online. GunTab allows you to easily accept credit card, bank account, and wire transfer payments online. Not only that, GunTab will automate your entire transaction. We walk you (and the Buyer) through every step of the process, from start to finish. That includes invoicing, payment, shipment, and, for firearms, transfer through the Buyer's preferred firearm dealer. Just follow our prompts. Then we deposit your payment to your bank account. It doesn't matter if you've never done this sort of thing before. We'll be here to answer your questions and make sure your sale goes smoothly.

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Clearest guidance

Selling a firearm online is unlike selling anything else. You must comply with special policies and laws at every step. Shipping carriers each have their own rules. Firearm dealers enforce different transfer regimes. Federal, state and local laws create overlapping age, licensure and possession restrictions. With so many legal pitfalls to consider, it's smart to have guidance. GunTab's "compliance checkboxes" help you understand your obligations and act accordingly. Why risk a mistake? GunTab is built to help you (and the Buyer) avoid all the pitfalls - especially the ones you're not aware of.

Reduce gun buyer fear and worry

Lowest friction

Most Buyers are apprehensive about mailing a check or money order to a stranger, or sending money through a payment platform that prohibits firearms. And they should be - they're risking payment theft and fraud. GunTab is designed to be the safe, simple way for Buyers to pay without worry. In fact, GunTab was specifically designed for firearms. So why not ask the Buyer to pay you through GunTab. You can send a payment request to the Buyer right now, by opening a free account and clicking "get paid for something".

Licensed firearm dealers

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Reduces your expenses

GunTab is the least expensive way to get paid online. GunTab charges only 2.9% for an entire transaction, including Checkout (or emailed invoices), automated buyer guidance, and more. Legacy payment processors can't compete against GunTab's price, features, and chargeback protection.

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Upgrades your tech

GunTab can be integrated into any purchase fulfillment system. It's an instant upgrade to the cutting edge: online payments, pre-paid shipping labels, instant delivery notifications, and more. Try GunTab Checkout for your marketplace listings.

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Secures your data

Do you feel confident your data is secure from hard drive failures, hackers, and disgruntled employees? GunTab's better-than-bank security will help keep your data safe.

3 ways to get paid

GunTab Checkout

Add your "Pay with GunTab" button to your posts on websites like GunBroker. Buyers simply click to pay and select a firearm dealer. Learn more.

Fire-and-forget invoices

GunTab can send an actionable invoice directly to the Buyer's email inbox. Try it now.

Shareable links

Don't know the Buyer's email address? GunTab can generate a payment link you can send by messenger app, text message, social media, etc. Try it now.

2.9% service fee

You choose how the fee is split.
No hidden fees.
Tons of unique benefits.

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