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Selling a gun online?

Only one way is safe and easy

Payments by credit card, bank account, or wire transfer

Get paid by credit card and bank account

Only professionals can set up their own payment processing, and it's complicated. If you're not a professional, or you want a simple option, there's one clear solution. Only GunTab instantly empowers you to easily accept payment by credit card and bank account.

Encourage buyers to buy from you

Encourage buyers to do business

There are tons of scams out there. Buyers don't want to expose their payment method to fraud, or risk their entire payment being stolen. If you offer a safe way to pay, and your competitor doesn't, buyers will use you. Only GunTab empowers you with safe payments for gun stuff online.

Protect against chargebacks by credit card and bank account

Protect against chargebacks

Chargebacks happen because of stolen credit cards, buyer's remorse, and many other reasons. And chargebacks come directly out of your pocket - unless you're using GunTab. Only GunTab fully protects you from chargebacks, so your money is truly yours. We guarantee it.

3 ways to get paid

GunTab Checkout

Add your "Pay with GunTab" button to your posts on websites like GunBroker. Buyers simply click to pay and select a firearm dealer. Learn more.

Fire-and-forget invoices

GunTab can send an actionable invoice directly to the Buyer's email inbox. Try it now.

Shareable links

Don't know the Buyer's email address? GunTab can generate a payment link you can send by messenger app, text message, social media, etc. Try it now.