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There are many payment options for gun-related transactions online. But there's only one "PayPal for guns".

Your best option stands out

You can see for yourself. One option clearly stands above the rest in terms of both safety and convenience.

GunTab OutdoorPay PayPal G&S Zelle Money orders
Guns & ammo allowed X X
Gun parts allowed X
Online X
Bank payments X X
Card payments X X
No amount limit X X X X
Buyers safe X X X
Sellers safe X X X
Safety guaranteed X X X X
Guidance X X X X
Automations X X X X
Service fee 2.9% or less 5% 3% None $2
Fee on success only X X X X
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What are all the options?

There are many options for online payments. However, many prohibit gun-related transactions and most are dangerous for buyers. We've grouped the options by category below.

Payment platforms

The payment platforms all prohibit gun-related transactions. Every dollar that goes through them is at risk of being seized by them. Plus, you don't have their protection when you're violating their policy, so it's easy to get scammed.

Escrow platforms

Escrow payments are extremely safe for both buyers and sellers. However, escrow tends to be slower than payment processing, because the seller must wait to receive the funds.

Cryptocurrency platforms

Cryptocurrency payments are usually non-reversible. That means these payments are safe for sellers but dangerous for buyers. However, some cryptocurrency platforms allow payments to be reversed, making them more dangerous for sellers without making them completely safe for buyers.

Pay by mail options

Before payment platforms existed, people mailed money orders and personal checks. Some people still do, although that is extremely dangerous for buyers.

Other protection options

If your payment option doesn't protect you, you might hope to add an additional layer of protection on top. You might be disappointed.

Why GunTab is the best option

GunTab is the best option for gun-related transactions, because it was the only option built to make these transactions safe and simple. In particular, GunTab is different because GunTab is escrow. For buyers and sellers online, escrow is "the one sure-fire way to protect themselves" from all the possible scams.

Also, GunTab is the only service that automates your transactions and supports you with step-by-step guidance. It was build from the ground up to serve the firearms community.

The proof is in the data. The side-by-side comparisons above clearly show that GunTab is always your best option.