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What real people are saying about GunTab.

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Check out these comprehensive reviews of the GunTab platform.

Gun News Daily "If you're a non-FFL it's nothing short of a game-changer."
Majortomhanks "I cannot recommend Guntab enough."
Camarms "I encourage everyone that looks at buying a firearm or ammunition online to open a GunTab account."

"Protect yourself from scammers"

Courtesy of @armed.asian. Also check out "Should've used GunTab".

Forum/social posts

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VBSB761 on Shooters' Forum "Just used GunTab. Flawless transaction... a good 2A specific platform to replace PayPal/Zelle."
Wakko on Florida Shooter's Network "Safe for both [sides]. I think the fees were $30 on a $1k sale. Worth it all day."
Dangerous on 1911 Addicts "Buyers want to buy with confidence ... I will be using an escrow (guntab.com) from now on."
beach_ballistics on Reddit.com "The whole site seems very well designed and professional and the support staff was very helpful. I'll definitely be using it again."
Kukeisok on AfricaHunting.com "All in all I was impressed and would use again."
John Kloehr on SASS forum "There really is no legitimate reason to not use GunTab to get paid."
Armed Asian on Instagram "Had a positive experience using @useguntab"
MBAO on Rokslide "Used guntab a while back and it's a great service."
Sprayed99 on Sniper's Hide "Guntab.com is the one I have heard good reviews about."
mojoatomic on Bullseye forum "I told him guntab.com escrow or no deal."
somecrazygeek on MIgunowners.org "I run r/GunAccessoriesForSale on Reddit and most of our users use Paypal G&S, but they don't allow gun parts so that gets sketchy. We've been talking to the owner of GunTab lately and that sounds like a MUCH better system."
NCbowhunter on Sniper's Hide "I just sold a scope using guntab, super easy and it protects both the seller and buyer."
NCbowhunter on Sniper's Hide "I just sold a scope using guntab, super easy and it protects both the seller and buyer."
AZ_Five56 on Arizona Shooting "it gave me a little bit more peace of mind to go this route."
Steve-OH on TheCMP "I have to say here that they are quick to respond to customer service emails."
ElmosBoy on TheCMP "All in all it's been much easier than trudging to the Post office, buying a money order, & mailing it into oblivion."
Ethank on 1911Addicts "I know I'm just one user, but I was very pleased with the service of guntab."
Nrs on AccurateShooter "they worked pretty good for my purchase."
Jeffrey on AfricaHunting.com "I just bought a CZ550 (awesome rifle) from a new individual on GunBroker. I used GunTab, a new escrow service for firearm sales. A perfect experience!"
Cholla on SASS forum "Just because someone claims to be a Single Action Shooting Society member, or even is a SASS member, doesn't mean they are an upright citizen. Please realize scammers can open an account here and elsewhere to build a reputation before springing the trap of selling non-existent guns. This can be avoided by using GunTab. They hold the funds until the buyer verifies that the gun is as stated. Yes, it costs 2.9%. How much is you sanity worth?"
BYSAWHY on HKPro.com "Maybe now is the time for the 2A community to switch?"
SEGARE on AccurateShooter "I think we need to migrate to GUNTAB for transactions."

Customer feedback

After every transaction, we ask the buyer and seller if there is anything we could do better. Here are some of their responses.

27 Nov 2022
“Thanks for making a website where I can find scammers before they scam me. Unfortunately, I fell victim to a non delivery site before I found you. It was only a couple hundred dollars, but still aggravating. Your site has saved my butt SEVERAL times now! Everything looks so legit, and if it wasn’t for you, I would probably be out thousands. I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you’re doing. You really are making a difference.”
25 Nov 2022
“Secure payment that protects buyer from scammers.”
24 Nov 2022
“Secure and seamless.”
17 Nov 2022
“There's a boost in confidence for buyers and sellers with 3rd party escrow.”
16 Nov 2022
“Smooth transaction and payout with all fees paid by the buyer.”
11 Nov 2022
“Easy to setup and use. Easier than getting a money order or certified check for me. Peace of mind for a secure transaction.”
10 Nov 2022
“Tech support was very quick to answer questions. My first experience with GunTab was excellent. I will be a returning customer.”
3 Nov 2022
“I am very impressed and pleased with GunTab. Frankly I cannot think of a single thing that should be improved. I was most impressed with the customer service as they answered a question via email so fast that I couldn't even believe it. Thank you for making online gun transactions safe and effective!”
1 Nov 2022
“Easy process”
1 Nov 2022
“Works great, both buyer and seller protected.”
30 Oct 2022
“I think it is excellent.”
27 Oct 2022
“Once again, you guys are absolute rockstars. With the amount of regulations and confusion around face to face transactions, it honestly feels like selling online is the only way to clear our unwanted firearms. You guys make that easy while everyone else is making it impossible so for that you’re all appreciated a TON!”
20 Oct 2022
“Very smooth and painless transaction!”
20 Oct 2022
“No snags or hiccups. Smooth and just as easy as PayPal.”
19 Oct 2022
“GunTab made it very easy to purchase.”
19 Oct 2022
“I believe you set a record for fastest support/best customer service ever 😀”
19 Oct 2022
“Excellent step by step guidance”
14 Oct 2022
“Very happy with how much information that is given per stage of the transaction”
8 Oct 2022
“Loved how easy it was and the security I felt making a purchase on gunbroker, especially from a seller without feedback. Thanks.”
7 Oct 2022
“Smooth and simple transaction all promises kept.”
6 Oct 2022
“Ease of use!”
1 Oct 2022
“Support for bank transfers and credit cards helps greatly.”
22 Sep 2022
“Very helpful for private sellers on GunBroker to support credit cards and bank transfers, thus increasing the size of the buyer pool.”
20 Sep 2022
“Everything went smoothly with the transaction and I was able to use a credit card to pay when normally this kind of vendor would only accept money orders as payment.”
13 Sep 2022
“First time seller and trust was a big factor but all's well that ends well ! Thanks Guntab for a smooth transaction !!”
13 Sep 2022
“Great attention to detail of the transaction to make sure all is well with receipt of goods. Great option for credit card for selling a few out of personal collection.”
9 Sep 2022
“Very easy process. Love the protection. Wasn’t aware of guntab till this purchase. Get the word out.”
5 Sep 2022
“Basically there was a mistake where the buyer selected a Colorado FFL and asked for it to be changed to Ohio. ... Excellent response and service. Also talking to a real person for this stuff is awesome.”
3 Sep 2022
“Everything was simple to understand and just made the whole transaction smooth. This was my first time using the site but definitely won't be my last.”
27 Aug 2022
“Everything went extremely smooth and money came to my account immediately. Me and the buyer both felt protected through out the whole experience.”
25 Aug 2022
“I liked getting the status messages through each step of the process.”
25 Aug 2022
“Very easy to open an account, money felt secure while awaiting purchase and I felt informed.”
23 Aug 2022
“Safe, secure. Easy process.”
18 Aug 2022
“All was good, all went as promised.”
17 Aug 2022
“Went very smoothly, everything was clear and logical, and your support staff are literate and responsive.”
17 Aug 2022
“Very seamless.”
3 Aug 2022
“Best way to purchase from a non FFL dealer.”
16 Jul 2022
“I was faced with the dilemma where the exact custom rifle I've been searching for was listed at auction on GunBroker, but the seller has 0 reviews; no history at all. I could not see using any of the payment methods I was aware of to make such a large transaction given the obvious red flags. Even with a stellar review history I'd be hesitant. I figured there must be someplace offering escrow for such transactions, and viola I found y'all. Turns out the seller was great, honest and the rifle is exactly what he said it was and I wanted.”
15 Jul 2022
“My customers found it easy to use and the transaction went smoothly!”
13 Jul 2022
“Everything went smoothly and I got the money at the end of the transaction.”
12 Jul 2022
“The whole site seems very well designed and professional and the support staff was very helpful. I’ll definitely be using it again.”
9 Jul 2022
“Protected my money, knew I’d get the gun or get my money back.”
7 Jul 2022
“All very good, no issues.”
2 Jul 2022
“My favorite part was how easy you made the experience for my pistol buyer. From having a 'how to use guntab as a buyer' video on youtube to allowing buyers to checkout (once) as a guest -- makes it very easy to convert buyers to GunTab and complete the sale. My second favorite part is how 2A friendly GunTab is. Buyer convenience wins these days, so your service is helpful and needed.”
25 Jun 2022
“Easy transaction.”
16 Jun 2022
“I am very thankful that GunTab exists.”
5 Jun 2022
“I enjoyed going through the GunTab process. You make this very easy. Thanks!”
25 May 2022
“Very smooth transaction.”
19 May 2022
“Easy and smooth process.”
5 May 2022
“The overall usability of the site/process is so easy. Thank you for making me feel protected selling a firearm online.”
5 May 2022
“I would have been too paranoid to sell my gun online if not for GunTab, and I netted almost $600 over what Cabela's offered me.”
21 Apr 2022
“Very happy with ease of transaction, personal service.”
21 Apr 2022
“My favorite part was having the transaction conducted as escrow - more comforting for both the seller and the buyer.”
20 Apr 2022
“Very happy. Easy to use.”
20 Apr 2022
“Very happy. Very secure.”
20 Apr 2022
“Overall it was an easy transaction. Account verification was quick, and the withdrawal from the buyer and my deposit as the seller went smoothly.”
14 Apr 2022
“I had a great experience with your service. The transaction was smooth and the whole process was very straightforward and intuitive. I would definitely use your service again for an out-of-state transaction. ... I work in software and would also add that the website is top notch. The integrations functioned perfectly and the user experience is excellent. Thanks for the great service!”
12 Apr 2022
“Thank you for your help. You provide a great service!”
7 Apr 2022
“I like that it’s easy for the buyer to checkout, and the seller to set up the transaction. It builds confidence in the sale. Also it helps keep the sale transparent.”
6 Apr 2022
“GunTab is always a trustworthy site.”
20 Mar 2022
“Very smooth transaction.”
18 Mar 2022
“Very smooth purchasing process.”
5 Mar 2022
“GunTab provides security for firearms transactions on a straightforward and user friendly platform.”
27 Feb 2022
“Interface is easy to use. Support was very quick and helpful. Thank you so much for a great service!”
25 Feb 2022
“First time user. Decided to try this to execute a private purchase from someone who did not want to list on GunBroker. GunTab was simple, the fee is reasonable, and protects both parties. Will definitely use again if the need arises!”
19 Feb 2022
“Transaction went smoothly, interface was simple and easy to use. Customer service was timely and informative with their response. Really impressive!”
2 Feb 2022
“Fair price good system”
31 Jan 2022
“Excellent easy and fast, very secure and safe”
29 Jan 2022
“Ability to avoid anti 2A sites, and confidence in the transaction.”
28 Jan 2022
“Actually, this was the first time using this platform. Every aspect of my transaction went absolutely smooth. Absolutely.”
22 Jan 2022
“Very happy, it's easy to use.”
21 Jan 2022
“Very happy. Easy to use.”
20 Jan 2022
“Exchanging the money for the item was always the hard part until I tried GunTab.”
20 Jan 2022
“Simplified the gun selling process when the buyer/seller is in a different state.”
20 Jan 2022
“As long as costs are factored into the asking/selling price then it's nice to let GunTab run the show. The less I have to do, the better. Plus, having the ability to provide credit card purchases makes it all the more comfortable.”
13 Jan 2022
“My first experience was great.”
11 Jan 2022
“This was my first time using GunTab and my first online gun purchase. So I was skeptical of spending that much money online. Not to mention it was a gun for sale by an individual on GunBroker. So I was a little anxious. HOWEVER GunTab basically saved the day by providing a way to make a secure payment, that way I wouldn’t lose such a large amount of money if it were a scam! Very very thankful for this service!”
8 Jan 2022
“Appreciate all you guys have done for me. I’m just a private seller that stumbled across GunTab and it has been a great experience. I could not have sold these guns, at these prices, without your help.”
3 Jan 2022
“Great product and best safe option out there I could find.”
25 Dec 2021
“With the modern wokeness and fear of guns, it was hard finding a way to safely exchange money for a gun that protected both parties. GunTab was a Godsend.”
24 Dec 2021
“It went smoothly on both transactions.”
1 Dec 2021
“It went very smoothly.”
24 Nov 2021
“Great way to handle a transaction.”
10 Nov 2021
“This was the first time I have ever had a purchase that went thru a gun broker. It went smoothly once I figured out how to have the purchase go thru my checking account. Less expensive than using a credit card. The seller was incredible to work with. I will happily use GunTab payment service again.”
4 Nov 2021
“Very happy. Seamless.”
29 Oct 2021
“A ~$35 fee for security and peace about a $1000+ transaction is a very reasonable cost. The steps of the transaction were also well laid-out and helped guide my conversation with the seller.”
22 Oct 2021
“Easy to use and I don't have to worry about insufficient funds or fraud.”
8 Oct 2021
“Very happy with how easy it was.”
7 Oct 2021
“Made this process very simple for both parties.”
7 Oct 2021
“Used the service 2x now. Super straight forward and easy and gave me peace of mind while buying from an unknown seller.”
5 Oct 2021
“I am very happy that I was able to conduct a high value transaction with peace of mind that the FFL of my choosing would receive the firearm before the seller received payment to insure I was going to receive what was promised.”
30 Sep 2021
“Very happy with how easy the service is to use.”
29 Sep 2021
“Very happy. Easy to deal with.”
28 Sep 2021
“Will continue to use this service again.”
27 Sep 2021
“Absolutely - without you guys there's literally just too many risks using any other transaction/payment platform. It's brutal with how complex some of these rules are... definitely makes you guys a "no brainer" need for the industry.”
16 Sep 2021
“Offered the guntab.com option to a new seller on gunbroker. He liked it too and the entire process was as smooth as butter.”
3 Sep 2021
“It was a very good experience.”
2 Sep 2021
“Great great service and support!”
26 Aug 2021
“Very happy. Smooth transaction.”
20 Aug 2021
“Your support is the best! Great service, great support.”
6 Aug 2021
“Very happy. Well organized.”
6 Aug 2021
“This was the first time I have sold a firearm using GunTab and the transaction could not have been any easier. All aspects of the process were explained and GunTab provided updates every step of the way. Most importantly, the transaction was secure, for both the buyer and seller. GunTab is the only way I will ever ship a firearm.”
3 Aug 2021
“Comments? Nope, GunTab was great.”
28 Jul 2021
“Very happy with the ease of use”
23 Jul 2021
“easy to use platform.”
22 Jul 2021
“made it easy and safe”
10 Jul 2021
“very happy. smooth transaction.”
26 Jun 2021
“GunTab is a fairly simple alternate to safe gun transactions. It makes me feel more confident making online purchases.”
12 Jun 2021
“Very happy with the ease of use.”
8 Jun 2021
“Having some kind of insurance on the transaction without having to go through something like GunBroker. It's good to have options.”
3 Jun 2021
“Very happy. Just picked up my Banshee.”
29 May 2021
“very simple to use & customers like it.”
27 May 2021
“Excellent site - even better support! Your service is outstanding! Many thanks!”
22 May 2021
“Very happy. Safe and secure.”
14 May 2021
“Excellent service and easy transaction. Will highly recommend to others who are not able to process credit cards. Fees for buyer/seller are higher than I expected but being able to split 50/50 definitely is a good idea. I look forward to working with you again. Thank you.”
14 May 2021
“Very safe, I have been scammed online gun shopping before and I will always use this from now on.”
29 Apr 2021
“It was the first time that I was using the service. I had many questions. Every concern or issue was answered or resolved promptly. The entire transaction was completed without any issues, whatsoever.”
29 Apr 2021
“The peace of making the transaction without the worries, hassles, and chaos of previous transactions. Great protection and security for both sides. No worry about being scammed, which happened the last two times I tried to sell my rifle. Also GunTab did a lot of the work that I used to have to do and did not enjoy. Very timely, structured process and successful transaction. Will always go with GunTab from now on, and will tell all of my fellow "gun nuts" to do the same.”
28 Apr 2021
“allows buyers to pay with a CC. its slow but it works.”
28 Apr 2021
“It was easy-to-use and I felt safe using it.”
27 Apr 2021
“Everything was fast enough, much more safe, and hassle free.”
24 Apr 2021
“Very simple process. Dan was a huge help and a super nice guy. Had a dispute that was resolved within a day. Couldn’t be happier.”
23 Apr 2021
“Great to have an alternative to anti-gun communist pay processors. Easy to setup and use. Looking forward to using your service again.”
21 Apr 2021
“Very happy. Secure and quick.”
20 Apr 2021
“Nothing to improve, I liked that it is an escrow exchange.”
14 Apr 2021
“Exceeded my expectations, keep up the good work!”
8 Apr 2021
“I think your site worked perfect.”
7 Apr 2021
“I must say, I am very impressed with the way GunTab runs its affairs ... after this most satisfactory experience I'll use GunTab whenever available.”
7 Apr 2021
“Got personal help on my first time thru.”
3 Apr 2021
“Everything went very, very smoothly.”
2 Apr 2021
“It was seamless. It protects me from any fraudulent sellers.”
1 Apr 2021
“It was easy and I was dealing with a dealer in another state so I felt safe.”
25 Mar 2021
“Everything worked great. The guy who bought my item was a first-time online gun buyer. This method of transaction really put his mind at ease; as opposed to sending a total stranger a $1,000 USPS money order and hoping for the best.”
18 Mar 2021
“Everything was very smooth. The process was straight forward.”
18 Mar 2021
“Smooth and fast transactions.”
13 Mar 2021
“Love how smooth the transaction was. Complete details for seller/buyer, no need to worry about getting ripped off. Will be using GunTab in all my future online firearm purchasing.”
12 Mar 2021
“Buyers need a secure transaction when purchasing firearms from private individuals who cannot take credit cards. GunTab does the trick! Thanks guys.”
12 Mar 2021
“Gave me reassurance that I wouldn’t have to send money hoping to receive my product.”
11 Mar 2021
“Seems very safe for both parties.”
10 Mar 2021
“It was simple to use and gives peace of mind throughout the transaction.”
6 Mar 2021
“From start till finish excellent.”
5 Mar 2021
“Easy and professional service, I’d recommend it for all online transactions.”
5 Mar 2021
“Very secure way to handle out of state online sales. Took a little bit extra time to complete the transaction because the buyer and I were new to the system. But once we got our act together and accounts established, things proceeded smoothly and expeditiously. Dan and his team responded quickly to any emails or phone calls if I had any questions. All my future online buying and selling will be through GunTab. Can’t recommend them enough!”
5 Mar 2021
“Transaction was very smooth and easy. Will definitely use again.”
19 Feb 2021
“Once everything was set up (very easy and explained very well on your site), the transaction was smooth. I notified the seller I had approved the funds to be sent, and he had already received a notification from your site. It's fantastic! Thank you for providing such a great service!”
11 Feb 2021
“My explanation for why I'm "very happy" is simple. In this case, there was no dispute or problems with the transaction. Neither GunTab nor the client raised any questions with me. That's expected behavior though, the whole point is for it to go smoothly. So there's no reason to not be "very happy" with this particular transaction. The real ratings are the ones we give when there is a dispute or problem with the transaction, and how GunTab handles the situation in those cases.”
11 Feb 2021
“It was amazingly smooth process! I am now recommending your services to others who sell online!”
5 Feb 2021
“I was hesitant at first since I have never heard of GunTab. The whole transaction went exactly how you said it would and there were no issues. Thank you GunTab.”
4 Feb 2021
“I was concerned that a seller I purchased from was requesting only a money order or certified check as payment, as this protects him but not me. I did some research and found several online escrow services do not allow anything related to firearms. GunTab was the perfect fit to ensure a safe transaction for the seller and myself. Would recommend and use again.”
4 Feb 2021
“Efficient processing of my order from the seller's FFL to my FFL.”
4 Feb 2021
“As with my first transaction, perfect process. The cash movement is slow, but that's to be expected with ACH transfers.”
22 Jan 2021
“I was concerned at first that it would be more difficult to use, but it’s super easy.”
22 Jan 2021
“Very professional. Let me know what to expect and kept me updated on the process.”
21 Jan 2021
“I lost money to a scammer once. Never again thanks to you!! The second try went without a hitch and your service was invaluable. Worth every penny!!!”
15 Jan 2021
“This was my first time using Gun Tab and in the directions/instructions there were a couple of places that I had to ask questions for clarification, but as a whole I’m quite happy now that I’ve seen how it works.”
7 Jan 2021
“Very happy. All parties protected.”
24 Dec 2020
“The fact that they checked on the FFL that my firearm was being shipped to was great. Thanks for all the work.”
18 Dec 2020
“I like that the transaction was secure and that each party was protected. Would definitely use them on my next transaction.”
16 Dec 2020
“I had never ordered a hand gun online before and the FFL I used said it’s the only way they will ship. So I researched GunTab and it looked legit. It worked just as explained and took all the worries away. Will definitely be ordering more often now. 2.9% seemed reasonable since now there’s no CC fees to deal with. Thanks again.”
16 Dec 2020
“GunTab is a reliable trustworthy service which helps the buyer & the seller close the deal without anyone getting ripped off.”
12 Dec 2020
“Easy, no hassle and user friendly.”
10 Dec 2020
“Very happy. There were status updates every step of the way.”
9 Dec 2020
“Safe for both buyer and seller. That’s why I chose GunTab.”
2 Dec 2020
“Another painless transaction - thanks again!”
2 Dec 2020
“Protection of your money. What could be better?!!”
28 Nov 2020
“Great customer service. Professionally run.”
18 Nov 2020
“Super easy and felt comfortable buying a $1700 firearm over the net.”
17 Nov 2020
“Great work. Extremely easy to process a transaction. Could be better with some sort of easier FFL->FFL transaction but overall very smooth across the board.”
14 Nov 2020
“This was an awesome (!!!) transaction with my buyer. Will absolutely be using this in the future for other firearm purchases and sales. Thank you for providing a seamless and smooth experience! Will recommend to community and friends. You have a niche and pleasant service. Don't ever stop!!!”
11 Nov 2020
“Minimizing the risk to the Seller and the Buyer. It takes longer to complete the transaction. However, it's safer for everyone involved.”
30 Oct 2020
“There was a small hang-up with the delivery confirmation step, but someone from GunTab reached out to correct the hang-up and helped to make the transaction as smooth as possible. Happy and grateful for Guntab. Thank you. Enjoying my new Wingmaster. 🤙”
24 Oct 2020
“Very impressed with the smooth transaction on my first gun auction purchase! Thanks!”
22 Oct 2020
“Great service. Very easy to use.”
18 Oct 2020
“I want to thank you guys for the awesome communication and help. This is the first time I have used your services and I am so glad I did! I will absolutely recommend you all to all of my shooting friends moving forward.”
16 Oct 2020
“Very reliable escrow service.”
7 Oct 2020
“Very happy not having worries.”
6 Oct 2020
“I really like this escrow service. It gives me confidence in buying/selling online.”
4 Oct 2020
“Very happy. Little hesitant at first since it took money right out of my account but all worked out.”
3 Oct 2020
“I really like the peace of mind knowing I'm not going to get scammed.”
2 Oct 2020
“You did what you said you would do. Great service.”
1 Oct 2020
“Very easy process the whole way.”
1 Oct 2020
“Very easy process, kept both buyer and seller notified of transaction status throughout process. Easy and secure for both parties. Will use again and HIGHLY recommend!”
30 Sep 2020
“Great experience all around.”
23 Sep 2020
“Very happy, was a little worried about sending a money order. Glad I found GT. Worked great.”
17 Sep 2020
“Fast, secure, took all the headache away. Great service, thanks.”
17 Sep 2020
“Excellent transaction all the way around.”
16 Sep 2020
“Very happy. All perfect.”
16 Sep 2020
“Very safe, secure way for both buyer and seller to complete transactions. Would definitely recommend to others. Thank you!!”
13 Aug 2020
“I was nervous about the private sale and transfer of my firearm. GunTab made it very easy for buyer and seller to execute their tasks and ensure everything was done properly. I will definitely recommend and use in the future.”
16 Jul 2020
“GunTab made the transaction a piece of cake - total transparency and peace of mind for both sides. My only regret was not knowing about GunTab sooner. This is a game changer.”
14 Jul 2020
“I gave it a 5, because I was very happy.”
30 Jun 2020
“I sold a weapon on Gunbroker and was unaware of the different payment portal services that I had to use in order to complete the purchase. Luckily I found GunTab after frantically searching for a free and easy to use service that would help me complete my sale. My buyer was impressed with GunTab's services and happy with how easy the transaction went and I was as well. Could not be happier.”
24 Jun 2020
“I'm very satisfied after using GunTab for the first time recently. The process of selling a handgun for the first time was noticeably smooth using your service. When issues occurred with the buyer, [GunTab Support] was able to clearly explain my options and help guide me through towards a satisfactory resolution.”
16 Jun 2020
“Super easy. Couldn't use any other online payment. This was fast.”
29 May 2020
“You guys are gonna be very successful with this ethic! And I love the service you're providing. Very fair way to sell things to strangers without the risk. Will be recommending ya'll to anyone that asks!”
28 May 2020
“I was concerned that what I intended to buy may not be what I received. GunTab process steps made my pistol purchase as secure and safe as possible. My purchase went exactly as planned. I’ll use GunTab again!”
23 May 2020
“The process seemed generally good. I did not encounter any technical issues, and the transaction completed successfully.”
15 May 2020
“Communication and follow up were really good.”
14 May 2020
“Great service! Very straightforward and took a lot of the headache out of online firearm purchases. If possible, are there any plans to implement ffl licenses on file, like GunBroker has? That's be awesome. Keep up the good work!”
14 May 2020
“First time using. Transaction went well.”
5 May 2020
“Seems like a fair way to deal for buyer and seller without risk.”
4 May 2020
“I'm glad this service exists.”
1 May 2020
“From start to finish, this was a fantastic transaction. If you are buying or selling firearms online this is a MUST HAVE. It's the most secure way to complete a firearms transaction without any headaches. They give you basic instructions on the process to follow if you are buying or selling, send you emails to keep you informed and payment was faster than I expected. I want to buy or sell another firearm with Guntab.”
20 Apr 2020
“Glad I found you! Great service, will use again and as long as PayPal continues to try to dictate how I can spend my money.”
17 Apr 2020
“I’ve been looking for a gun/ammo friendly alternative to PayPal. They’ve currently locked my account with nearly $2k in it and have been a real nightmare at a time when my family needs the funds most. They are the worst. I’ll be on the lookout for updates regarding your capabilities to process additional transactions.”
11 Apr 2020
“Thank you very much! Man you guys are an awesome service and I’ll use you for all my online transactions! YES!!”
6 Jan 2020
“I want to thank you for all your help in this matter, and must say, having never used GunTab before was highly impressed with the customer service.”
21 Oct 2019
“Ten out of ten, I'd definitely use you guys again. It was a little slow but that just came down to human communication. Me and the guy who bought from me are really happy.”