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It's like PayPal for gun stuff

Uniquely safe and convenient for guns, ammo, and more

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The only safe payments

Buying or selling gun-related items online? PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle all prohibit you. Money orders are what scammers prefer. GunBroker Protection is incomplete at best. GunTab is the only option that is safe for both sides, because it's gun-friendly escrow. It stands out when you compare the options.


    Safe and secure payments for guns, ammo, and more

    Eliminate the risk. GunTab is escrow, meaning we hold the payment until the transaction is successful. It's the ultimate protection against fraud. On top of that, we enforce better-than-bank security to protect your information.


    Payments by credit card, bank accound, or wire transfer

    Keep it simple. GunTab offers easy payments by credit card, bank account, or wire transfer. We help you find a local gun dealer when required, and help you track the shipment. There is no easier way to handle your online transactions.


    Guidance for all types of gun-related transactions

    Stay in bounds. Guns, ammo, and magazines are uniquely regulated, so these transactions are more complicated than most. GunTab guides you through every step of your transaction, to help you from accidentally stepping outside the law.

People love us!

Here's one example from hundreds of reviews, posts, and testimonials:

"Very helpful for private sellers on GunBroker to support credit cards and bank transfers, thus increasing the size of the buyer pool." – MJ on 22 Sep 2022

For any online transaction

GunTab is great for private party, retail, and import transactions. It doesn't matter where the item is posted for sale. You can use GunTab for firearms, ammunition, magazines, optics, parts, accessories, apparel, and more.

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