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Gun-friendly payments by credit card and bank account, for businesses and individuals.
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PayPal, Venmo, etc all prohibit gun-related payments, so you can be banned or scammed. Checks and money orders are preferred for scams. And GunBroker Protection is incomplete. Only GunTab is guaranteed safe for both sides. Plus, GunTab compliance checks help you stay within the law.


Only GunTab empowers you with easy online payments by credit card and bank account, step-by-step guidance (like finding a local gun dealer when required), and automations like shipment tracking and SMS updates. Use it for guns, ammo, and everything else.

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How GunTab works

GunTab is escrow. We hold the buyer's payment until after delivery.



Buyer pays by credit card or bank account.



Seller ships using instructions from GunTab.



Buyer inspects the merchandise, and disputes or accepts within 3 days.



GunTab deposits the funds to the seller's bank account.

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Safe, easy gun payments when buying on GunBroker or anywhere else online


Protect yourself

Avoid scams, bans, credit card exposures, and accidentally unlawful actions. GunTab empowers you to buy safely from anyone, anywhere online. It's easy, just follow the step-by-step guidance.


Encourage sales

Make it safer and easier for buyers to pay. GunTab equips you with the industry's best checkout experience. Plus, GunTab guarantees against chargebacks. And it's easy to get started.

Easy checkout payments when selling on GunBroker or anywhere else online