GunTab is escrow

Buyers and sellers are never safe from fraud unless they're using escrow, and GunTab is the leading gun-friendly escrow.

The problem

It's hard for strangers to do business on the internet. How does a buyer know a seller will ship after payment? How does a seller know a payment is valid and irreversible? There are lots of different scams out there. You need to protect yourself.

The solution

Strangers can do business safely when a trusted third party holds the buyer's payment until the shipment arrives. This is an old practice called escrow. Both sides must do what they promised before they get what they want. This eliminates the risk for both sides.

CNET gives warning: "Despite the rise in online auction fraud, few users are taking advantage of escrow services, the one sure-fire way to protect themselves."

Safety you can count on

GunTab protects buyers from scams, and protects sellers from chargebacks. In fact, your protection is guaranteed.

Leading the industry

GunTab is the leading escrow service for gun-related transactions, whether you're measuring by longevity, quality, or successful transactions., the leading escrow service for other transactions, prohibits any transaction that "involves any munitions or firearm". Tradiator, once recommended by GunBroker, is shut down and its website now suggests using GunTab. When it comes to gun-related transactions, "escrow" means GunTab.

Better than any alternative

PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and other payment platforms all prohibit firearm and ammo transactions. GunBroker is the only marketplace with buyer protection, but it's incomplete at best (see our real-life case study). And even if these alternatives were viable, GunTab would be the better choice. Compare the alternatives and see for yourself.

The tradeoff

With escrow, sometimes funds take longer to be transferred than with a payment platform. In exchange, funds are fully protected. Would you be willing to trade a day or two of delay, to be certain your money is safe? Most people say yes.

A GunTab user explains: "Buyers want to buy with confidence, but no matter what you do, person-to-person sales over the internet are questionable. Sellers have the same problems. ... I wasn't sure about buying over the internet from an unknown person. ... I will be using an escrow from now on. If the buyer won't work with me through escrow, no sale."