Common online firearm scams

Buyers aren't the only ones who risk getting scammed. Sellers get scammed too. And not always by professional criminals. Sometimes ordinary people behave badly and the results are the same.

Keep in mind that all the major payment platforms prohibit firearms. Unless you are using GunTab for your online firearm transactions, you are exposing yourself to a wide variety of risks. In that case, you should make sure you're familiar with the most common scams.

How buyers get scammed

How sellers get scammed

How GunTab protects from scams

GunTab protects you in all of the fraud scenarios listed above. Here is how:

  1. We hold the Buyer's funds until the transaction is complete. This way the Seller can't run off with the Buyer's money, or get away with a bait-and-switch.
  2. We enforce timelines. For example, if the Seller doesn't ship within 5 days, the Buyer may cancel the transaction.
  3. We use sophisticated fraud detection. Every GunTab transaction is heavily analyzed to ensure it is legitimate.
  4. We handle chargebacks. If a chargeback is issued for a payment on a GunTab transaction, you aren't responsible for fighting it – GunTab is.

Don't want to get scammed? Open an account to make sure your online firearm transactions are totally safe and simple.