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Escrow.com vs GunTab

Buyers are safe with Escrow.com, except for gun-related transactions.

What is Escrow.com?

Escrow.com is an alternative to GunTab. It is an escrow platform that transfers money from one party to another with strong protection from various scams.

It advertises: "you can buy and sell anything safely without the risk of chargebacks. Truly secure payments."

Do scammers use Escrow.com?

No, scammers don't use Escrow.com because the escrow approach protects against scams. As indicated by StopGunScams.com, Escrow.com is never an accepted payment method for gun scams.

Side-by-side comparison

GunTab Escrow.com
Guns/ammo/parts allowed X
Bank payments
Card payments
Payments not limited
Buyers safe
Sellers safe
Safety guaranteed X
Guidance X
Automations X
Service fee 2.9% 3.25%
Fee on success only X

How good is Escrow.com?

Escrow.com is a common way for people to handle high-dollar payments online. It is well-regarded as a way to for buyers and sellers to protect themselves, because it is escrow (like GunTab). But it prohibits guns and ammo, so those transactions may actually be vulnerable to various scams.

Guns and ammo prohibited

Like all the payment platforms, Escrow.com strictly prohibits gun-related transactions. It says: "Users shall not utilize the Site or the Services in connection with any Transaction that ... involves any munitions or firearm" If Escrow.com catches you violating its policy, it can permanently ban you and may even seize your money.

Users vulnerable on guns and ammo

Users are completely vulnerable to scams on guns and ammo, because they must falsify their transaction information with Escrow.com. Imagine a transaction for a $2,500 rifle. To bypass Escrow.com's prohibition on firearms, the buyer and seller must agree to describe the merchandise as something else, like "a 16-inch television". But then the seller could actually send a 16-inch television worth $100, and walk away with the $2,500. As far as Escrow.com is concerned, he fulfilled his obligations and did nothing wrong.

Users are probably safe on parts and accessories, because those don't seem to violate Escrow.com's policy.

Which is better?

In short, using Escrow.com for guns and ammo is a big mistake. Even for other transactions, Escrow.com is not your best option. GunTab costs less, is equally safe, and helps you complete your transactions. GunTab is clearly the better choice.