Getting started

Want to learn how to use GunTab? Follow these simple instructions to pay or get paid on GunBroker, Armslist, etc.


When you find something to buy online, it's easy to use GunTab to pay by credit card or bank account with guaranteed protection from scams.

At checkout, you will be asked to select an FFL or shipping address, and pay by credit card or bank account. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions, it's easy!


GunTab equips you with the ability to accept credit cards, guaranteed protection from chargebacks, and the industry's best checkout experience. Your buyers will be asked to select an FFL or shipping address, and pay by credit card or bank account. The step-by-step instructions make everything easy for your buyers.

When you are selling something online, you have two options:

Selling as an FFL

Verified FFLs received discounted pricing and other perks. As an FFL, you should first claim your firearm license, then follow the instructions to verify your claim.

If you sell from your own website, and it's built on one of the major ecommerce website builders, you can add GunTab Checkout button/link to your listing pages. If your website is built on WooCommerce, see our WooCommerce plugin.

If you sell high volumes, see our integration options for ideas on how to automate your payment collection.

Common questions

What can you buy/sell?

You can buy and sell any lawful merchandise, including firearms, ammunition, parts, accessories, t-shirts, etc. Learn more.

Are there credit card payments?

Yes, simply having a GunTab account means you can pay and get paid by credit card or bank account. Learn more.

Are buyers safe from scams?

Yes, buyers are completely protected from scams because GunTab holds their payment until they have received the merchandise. Learn more.

When do sellers get paid?

Disbursements are sent to sellers after the merchandise is delivered, so neither side is at risk. Disbursements are sent no more than 3 days after delivery. Learn more.

Other questions?

Almost all questions have been answered in our searchable Help Center.