How should I use GunTab when selling on GunOwnersClub?

GunOwnersClub recommends using GunTab for payments.

You can use GunTab to accept payment for any GunOwnersClub listing. In fact, you can add “Pay with GunTab” links that make it easy for your buyers to pay safely online. All you need to do is copy-paste the HTML snippet for your “GunTab Checkout Link” into your GunOwnersClub listing.

To find your “GunTab Checkout Link”:

  1. Sign in to GunTab.
  2. Go to the GunTab Checkout documentation.
  3. Go to the “HTML Snippets” and find your “Link” snippet. Click the button to copy the snippet. Then you can paste it into your GunOwnersClub listing.

GunTab automatically collects sales tax when appropriate, so all you need to do is set your sales tax policy in GunTab (if you have one).

Last updated 5 Jun 2023