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How should I use GunTab when selling on GunBroker?

Are you selling merchandise on GunBroker? You can accept payment through GunTab for any GunBroker listing (regardless of whether it’s an auction or “buy now”). Just follow these instructions when you are creating your listing:

  • Item Details: In the “Item Description” field, you have two options:
    1. Automated checkout (recomended): Allow buyers to checkout immediately by adding a “Pay with GunTab” button to your listing. You can do this by adding your HTML snippet visible in your GunTab Checkout documentation. To insert your HTML snippet into the “Item Description” field, click the “HTML Source” button, then copy-paste your HTML snippet, then click the “Save HTML Source” button. When a buyer clicks your “Pay with GunTab” button, GunTab automatically pulls most of the purchase information from your GunBroker listing (like title and price). Then, the buyer may be asked to enter some final details before being asked to select an FFL (if applicable) and pay.
    2. Manual checkout: Write something like “Pay with GunTab” so the buyer is aware. When a buyer is ready to pay, you will simply log into your GunTab account and click the button to “Get paid for something”.
  • Payment, Shipping & Taxes: In the “Payment Methods” for your GunBroker listing, select:
    • “Escrow” (because GunTab is escrow)
    • “Discover”, “Visa/Mastercard”, and “American Express” (because GunTab empowers you to collect payment by credit card)

Please note that GunTab automatically collects sales tax and Compliance Fees for GunBroker transactions, so you don’t have to think about it.

Last updated 6 Jan 2023