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How should I use GunTab when selling on GunBroker?

Are you selling something on GunBroker and want to accept payment through GunTab? In the “Payment Methods” for your GunBroker listing, select “Escrow” (because GunTab is escrow).

You can accept payment through GunTab for any GunBroker listing (regardless of whether it’s an auction or “buy now”). There are 3 ways you can accept payment after your GunBroker listing has been “sold”:

  1. Send a payment request to the buyer (common). Just log into your GunTab account, click “Get paid for something,” and follow the prompts. If you don’t have the buyer’s email address, just click to indicate that and GunTab will generate a link you can send to the buyer through GunBroker messenger.
  2. Ask the buyer to send you a payment offer (rare). If you are using GunBroker’s shipping calculator, you may want to ask the buyer
  3. Add a GunTab Checkout link to your GunBroker listing, and invite the buyer to click it (common). When a buyer clicks a GunTab Checkout link, GunTab automatically pulls most of the purchase information from your GunBroker listing (like title and price). Then, the buyer may be asked to enter some final details before being asked to select an FFL (if applicable) and pay. Note: If the buyer has any difficulty with this option, please use option 1 or 2 instead.

Please note that GunTab automatically collects sales tax for GunBroker transactions, so you don’t have to think about it.

Last updated 5 Jun 2021