Why should I claim ownership of my FFL?

If you possess a Federal Firearms License (FFL), you should claim ownership here: https://www.guntab.com/firearm_license_claims/new

There are a few reasons claiming your FFL is a good idea:

  1. Receive a discounted service fee on all transactions, whether you’re buying or selling, whether you’re paying the fee or the other side is.
  2. See all buyer contact info.
  3. Receive premium support, including after-hours support (when agents available).
  4. Use the pickup/dropoff option on any transaction.
  5. Submit special feature requests. GunTab gives priority to feature requests that will benefit your business.
  6. Boost your business through transfers.
    • Be a recommended option when buyers search for an FFL (you must select “conducts transfers”.)
    • Manage your public-facing FFL page.
    • Receive notifications about incoming transfers, so you know exactly what shipments to expect, and when.
  7. Transact at high volumes.
    • Encounter fewer manual transaction verifications.
    • Download your transaction data.
    • Tell us if you’re expecting a rapid increase in transactions so we can enable a special status for your account.

Please note that not all FFL types are claimable.

Last updated 5 Feb 2024