Is it possible to do pickup/dropoff transactions without shipping?

Yes, GunTab supports pickup/dropoff transactions that do not involve shipping:

  • Pickup: The seller is in the buyer’s local area and is a gun dealer, so the buyer can pick up the merchandise at the seller’s premises.
  • Dropoff: The seller is in the buyer’s local area, and is willing to drop off the merchandise at the buyer’s preferred gun dealer.

What are the restrictions?

GunTab’s “not shipping” option is available for all transactions where the seller is an FFL or the transaction requires transfer through an FFL.

If the seller is not an FFL and no transfer is required, the merchandise must be shipped to the buyer. This generates the proof of delivery which we require from every seller.

How to select “not shipping”?

You can easily mark a transaction as “no shipping”. When sending a payment request or payment offer:

  1. Complete the process as normal until the financial details page (the second page of the process).
  2. Click the “No shipping?” link that appears next to the “Shipping & insurance” field.
  3. Click the checkbox to confirm “No shipping”.

When a transaction has been marked as “no shipping”, GunTab will not ask the seller for shipping information. Instead, it will simply ask the seller when the item is ready for pickup by the buyer, so it can notify the buyer.

To learn more about this feature, check out the feature announcement from 2021.

Last updated 5 Feb 2024