Pickup and dropoff transactions

Pickup and dropoff transactions

In recent years, we've had many users ask GunTab to support transactions that don't involve a shipment. We're happy to announce that GunTab now supports both pickup and dropoff transactions!

When is there no shipping?

There are two specific scenarios where a transaction doesn't involve shipping:

  1. Pickup: The seller is in the buyer's local area and is a gun dealer, so the buyer can pick up the merchandise at the seller's premises.
  2. Dropoff: The seller is in the buyer's local area, and is willing to drop off the merchandise at the buyer's preferred gun dealer.

You probably noticed that both scenarios involve the buyer and seller living in the same geographic area.  No surprise there – if they lived far apart, they would probably choose to ship the merchandise.

Only for transactions requiring transfer

At least for now, GunTab only allows pickup and dropoff of transactions that require transfer through a gun dealer.  That's because we don't want to set up sellers for failure.  Specifically, it's hard for a seller to prove that merchandise was picked up by the buyer, or dropped off for the buyer, without an independent third party being involved.  For GunTab, that independent third party is either a shipping carrier (FedEx, UPS, or USPS) or a gun dealer.  The seller can always rely on one of those parties to attest that the merchandise was conveyed to the buyer.

If GunTab allowed pickup and dropoff of non-transferred transactions, that would mean no third party was involved.  It is the seller's responsibility to prove that they satisfied their obligation to convey the merchandise.  If the buyer filed a dispute and claimed the seller never conveyed the merchandise, it would be very difficult for the seller to prove otherwise.  So at least for now, GunTab simply doesn't allow that scenario.

Not for avoiding transfer

Please note that pickup and dropoff transactions are not for avoiding transfer through a gun dealer.  GunTab ignores the federal exemption to the transfer requirement for same-state transactions.  GunTab always requires transfer for anything that would require transfer if it were sold across state lines.

Pickup by the buyer

Generally when a transaction is not shipped, that's because the buyer is doing business with a local gun dealer and chose to pay through GunTab for safety.  In this case, the buyer waits for GunTab to notify them that the merchandise is ready for pickup, then visits the gun dealer's premises.

Dropoff by the seller

Although this scenario is less common, sometimes a seller is willing to drop off the merchandise at the buyer's gun dealer of choice (which the buyer has already selected in GunTab).  If the buyer lives in the area, this can just be a very practical option.  The seller is required to

Great for ArmsList transactions

Most ArmsList transactions are local. If the idea of meeting a stranger to exchange guns and money makes you uncomfortable, GunTab is a great answer.  Now you don't even need to meet the other person.  The seller can drop off the merchandise at the gun dealer, and you can pick it up at your convenience.  And the transaction is completely safe for both sides.  Sound interesting?  Open a free account right now and try it!