It's hard to find a good payment platform these days.

According to a Gizmodo story, Facebook allowed kids to rack up huge charges on their parents' credit cards while playing games that were supposed to be free. Parents would request refunds, and Facebook would reject them. Apparently Facebook was making too much money to play nice:

Newly unsealed court documents show that Facebook was aware that underage children routinely used their parents’ payment information to spend large sums of money on in-game purchases, and the company chose not to fix the problem. For years, it allowed for what it called “friendly fraud” because it feared implementing protections would harm revenue, according to the documents.
In 2016, Facebook settled a class-action lawsuit brought by parents of children who were tricked into unwittingly making purchases with real money while playing free video games hosted on the social media platform.

In addition to in-game payments, Facebook rolled out peer-to-peer payments in 2015. However, it prohibits paying for firearms (in addition to posting them for sale). But so does PayPal, which is famously loathed. When it comes to paying for firearms online, it seems Facebook and PayPal are tied for last place.