The firearms market is thriving in spite of many financial and technology companies banning firearm-related content.  That's a credit to the American free market, says the National Rifle Association.

Mainstream banking companies, such as JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citigroup, Amalgamated Bank and Berkshire, have all made headlines for banning, restricting or putting conditions on gun sales. In theory, smaller platforms are an alternative to enhance the reach of small merchants and consumers. But nearly all digital checkout software (Wix, 2Checkout, Blueplaid, Sailthru, Salesforce and others) refuse to allow firearm transactions.

Familiar cash apps, like PayPal, Square, Stripe and Apple Pay, as well as Venmo, Zelle, Quickbooks, Coinbase, Amazon and others also ban firearms transactions.
Whatever the cause, buyers, sellers and owners of guns are in a tight squeeze.
They’re blacklisted from search engines, social media, app markets, streaming software, payment systems and other regular channels of commerce.
The good news is, the free market also provides solutions. Alternatives like GunTube, GunBroker, GunTab and GunDynamics have been created.
And, through it all, gun sales have never been higher.

The analysis is simple.  The more companies prohibit gun-related content, the more interesting that gun-related content becomes for free-market entrepreneurs.  Imagine starting a business where all the big players promise not to compete with you!  Our free market system allows entrepreneurs to jump into opportunities like that.

Unfortunately there is no easy money.  With the finance, technology, and advertising industries almost completely stacked against you, it's very difficult to build an enterprise in the gun industry.  For example, we've been building GunTab since 2013 and we still encounter huge roadblocks when we try to expand our business.  First we struggle to find partners who aren't anti-gun, then we are subject to far more scrutiny from these partners.  Basically, nothing is ever easy.

But the effort is worthwhile from multiple perspectives.  We aren't just building successful businesses here, we are building bulwarks against anti-gun radicalism.  Each of us are doing our part to safeguard the freedoms that Americans cherish.  Every day we can do that, while also putting food on the table for our families, is a good day.  So here's to the American free market, and plenty more good days.