GunTab and PayPal are similar.  They both help you pay or get paid for your online transactions.  They both make it easy to get started, and charge a 2.9% fee.  However, while GunTab is similar to PayPal, it isn't a clone of PayPal.  It's different because it's better.

GunTab is obviously better than PayPal in terms of policy, because PayPal prohibits all transactions related to firearms and ammo.  PayPal's acceptable use policy says: "You may not use the PayPal service for activities that ... relate to transactions involving ... ammunition, firearms, or certain firearm parts or accessories".  On the other hand, GunTab encourages transactions relating to firearms, ammo, parts, and accessories.  GunTab was built for them.

PayPal is dangerous for guns and ammo

Do not kid yourself – your business is never, never safe with PayPal. – Niteo
I know there are some people out there that will write me back, stating that they use PayPal all the time for gun payments. You've gotten lucky, but it's only a matter of time before PayPal catches on. – GunAuction

Risk-takers might ask themselves, "Who cares if I violate PayPal's policy?  How would PayPal know what my transaction is for?"  It's true, as long as the buyer and the seller are both careful, PayPal may not discover the policy breach.  However, if either of you make a mistake, PayPal will seize the funds in both of your accounts.  Not just the money for the single transaction in question.  Every.  Single.  Cent.  And this isn't the biggest risk you take when violating PayPal's policy.  There is a much bigger risk to worry about.

PayPal alternative for guns

Violating PayPal policy exposes you to getting ripped off.  For example, if you are buying a rifle and you tell PayPal you are buying a $1,500 lamp, what happens if the seller actually sends you some old lamp?  You think PayPal is going to help you get your rifle, or get your money back?  Don't hold your breath.  PayPal is clear that "PayPal Buyer Protection does not cover ... Products that violate PayPal policies".  Buyers are at the mercy of sellers in these dishonest PayPal transactions.  And the opposite is true as well.

Sellers are no safer than buyers in a dishonest PayPal transaction.  For example, if the buyer is unhappy with what you shipped, he can report your policy violation to PayPal.  PayPal will immediately seize your funds and you will never get paid for what you shipped.

GunTab is better than PayPal

Nobody is safe when violating PayPal's policies.  So why risk all your money, when GunTab costs the same?  For that matter, why would you use PayPal even if it did allow firearm transactions?

GunTab is better than PayPal in a side-by-side comparison.  Here is why:

  • Protects you.  GunTab is escrow, not a payment processor like PayPal.  So unlike PayPal, our primary job is to keep your money safe.  We allow the buyer 3 days to inspect the item after delivery.  We also completely protect the seller from chargebacks.  PayPal doesn't do either of these things.
  • Guides your way.  GunTab was built specifically for transactions involving firearms, ammunition, parts and accessories.  We help you follow the law.  For example, we help you determine whether your transaction requires transfer through a gun dealer.  If so, we help you find a gun dealer to ship your item to.  (We have the most convenient and up-to-date FFL database in the industry.)
  • Keeps you informed.  GunTab monitors your shipments, provides instant delivery notifications, and consistently updates you about the progress of your transactions from start to finish.
  • Supports your community.  PayPal is anti-gun, and has been for over 10 years.  GunTab is pro-gun, and always will be.  GunTab has built its business on the right to bear arms, and supports the NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation.  Perhaps most importantly, GunTab is currently the only way to pay or get paid for firearms online.  Without GunTab, the firearms industry is stuck in the e-commerce stone ages and you are stuck as a second-class citizen.  Supporting GunTab means supporting your equality online and your right to bear arms.

Is GunTab better than PayPal in every possible way?  No, and we aren't making that claim.  For example, GunTab does not currently accept credit cards as a payment option (only bank accounts and wire transfers).  We're working on it, but the American finance sector is stacked against us.  Everything we build faces massive resistance, so things move slowly.  Even after we introduce support for credit card payments, PayPal will have economies of scale that GunTab will never be able to match.  GunTab will need to charge extra for credit cards, whereas PayPal doesn't.

Another way that PayPal has an apparent advantage is a shorter time to disburse the funds to the seller.  However, this is partially an illusion.  Sometimes PayPal disburses money to the seller quickly, but sometimes incredibly slowly (taking as long as 6 months if PayPal's automated system suspects fraud).  You never know what to expect.  It's all up to PayPal's arbitrary decision-making process.  On the other hand, GunTab follows clear rules, and is completely transparent with you.  GunTab disburses the money to the seller after the buyer has accepted the item.  GunTab's disbursements might be slower than PayPal's on average, but GunTab is consistent and fair in a way PayPal is not.

Nobody uses PayPal when they have a choice

A gun collector posted on a forum in 2014: "I don't get why lots of people still insist upon using [PayPal] to pay for gun stuff."  The reply was simple: "Because at this time there's nothing else quick and easy."  But that was back in 2014.  GunTab went live in 2015.  Now there's something else, and in a side-by-side comparison it's something much better.  There's no good reason for using PayPal for gun stuff anymore.

GunTab is the only PayPal alternative for guns

GunTab is unique.  It is the only firearm transaction platform in the world.  More importantly, GunTab is the only safe payment option for online firearm and ammo transactions.  Every other option is creates risk for the buyer, the seller, or both.

It's completely free to open a GunTab account.  There is no obligation.  And it only costs 2.9%.  Why not try GunTab right now?