Sometimes an advertised deal, whether on GunBroker or another online gun sale platform, seems too good to be true. GunTab is a way to find out for sure.

GunTab just received the following email from a real GunTab user:

I may owe you folks [at GunTab] a debt of gratitude, even if only for helping to kill a deal. Or, far more to the point, quite possibly for helping to kill a scam.

I have been back and forth for a week or more with a seller on
GunBroker. He went by a pseudonym. No selling history, no FFL, no
storefront and perhaps no gun to sell, either. All that and somewhat
sketchy/questionable communications: Never a real/full name, seemingly
not able to call me but also not providing a number for me to call him
with, etc.

That being so I searched the internet for the "PayPal of Guns". While
there is precious little about you folks "out there on the web" what little I did find was all very positive. So I set up an account at GunTab and even offered the seller a bit of a premium for the extra time/effort involved in going through you. His almost-immediate reply was "Sorry, the gun just sold". Maybe... but then again maybe not, too.  Just as likely that the very idea of involving GunTab drove a would-be scammer off of GunBroker and back into hiding.

All that is to say I sincerely wish I could pay your "fee" for the
positive, helpful, conclusive and otherwise informative results I
obtained just by "inviting you to the party".

So maybe next time then, eh? I mean, as in when a legit seller wishes
to do a legit deal that is.

In the meantime, kind regards and keep up the great work!

Thanks for your message, Alan. This is exactly what GunTab is designed to do – protect the good guys from con artists and fraudsters. We're happy to have helped you beat this GunBroker scam.