GunTab now allows buyers to complete most transactions as a guest. That means safely buying a firearm online just became even easier. And easier is better for both buyers and sellers - especially retailers.

Previously GunTab required all users to open an account to pay for something. While that is free and easy, it's not ideal for the retail environment.  For retail transactions, buyers usually don't want to open an account or perform any verifications – they want to do the bare minimum and move on.  Now GunTab has a solution for those buyers.

GunTab has just introduced guest checkout.  Now, most buyers reviewing a payment request will see a button to "Checkout as a guest".  Checking out as a guest has 2 advantages:

  1. Minimal information required.  GunTab will only ask for name, email, and phone to proceed.
  2. No verifications.  GunTab does not require verification of email address or payment method to complete a transaction.

Guest checkout is available for any type of payment request, whether it is generated manually or automatically (through GunTab Checkout or an API-generated link).

Guest checkout is available for most transactions, including anything shipped to a gun dealer for transfer, and anything with a purchase price of $150 or less.  However, Guest checkout is not available for all transactions.  Specifically, it is not available for transactions with purchase prices above $150 that are shipped directly to the buyer.  For those transactions, the buyer must use a verified payment method, meaning the buyer must open a GunTab account (which is free, and not much harder than guest checkout).  We're working on relaxing this restriction by allowing larger dollar amounts.  In the meanwhile, please bear with us and share your feedback!

Right now, one of GunTab's major focus areas is better supporting retail transactions.  Guest checkout is just one step in our roadmap.  We will continue to add features that retailers love.  If you are a firearm retailer, and you sell online, please take a deeper look at how GunTab can help you get paid safely and easily.