We are proud to announce that GunTab's fee can now be paid by the buyer, seller, or split 50/50.

What changed?

Previously GunTab required the seller to pay the 2.9% service fee (almost identical to PayPal, Square, and Venmo).  However, in many cases buyers wanted to pay some or all of this fee.  For example, some buyers wanted to make things easier on sellers who had not used GunTab before.  Other buyers simply felt they benefited equally from using GunTab and wanted to be fair.  In these cases the buyers could work around the problem by increasing the amount they were paying to the seller, but that was awkward - it lacked clarity and precision.

Now when you are sending a payment offer (as a buyer) or a payment request (as a seller), you will be able to specify who will pay the service fee:

  1. Buyer
  2. Seller
  3. 50/50 Split

Technically only the "Buyer" and "50/50 Split" options are new, because "Seller" was previously the only option.  The "50/50 Split" option means each side pays a 1.45% fee (half of the total 2.9% fee).

This is what it looks like if you choose to split the fee.

How do fee payment options help users?

As a general rule, it's easier to make a deal when you have more flexibility with the terms.  GunTab's new fee payment options increase your flexibility and make it easier for you to make deals.  This is especially true for buyers who want to use GunTab with a seller who hasn't used it before.  "Let's try it and split the fee" sounds better to sellers than, "Let's try it but you have to pay the fee."

Who asked for more fee payment options?

Many GunTab users have asked for fee payment options in recent years.  For example, one buyer recently sent a message to say, "I would recommend ... having an option to split this fee between the buyer and seller."  Feedback like this is how we decide what GunTab's priorities are.  That's why we have have added fee payment options.

What's next?

Our most highly requested feature is credit card payments, so we are working hard on adding support for credit cards.  Please keep an eye out for upcoming announcements.

We love receiving feedback, and we work hard to act on it.  If you have feedback about our new fee assignment options, or anything else, please reach out to us on Twitter, Instagram, or support@guntab.com.