How should I use GunTab when selling on Armslist?

Armslist recommends using GunTab for payments.

You can use GunTab to accept payment for any Armslist listing. In fact, GunTab is the only payment option officially integrated by Armslist.

Automated option (officially integrated)

Armslist has a special option to enable “Pay with GunTab” buttons on your Armslist listings. These buttons make it easy for buyers to checkout. It’s easy to enable:

  1. First, get your GunTab Checkout URL. Sign in to your GunTab account. Go to Account > Checkout URL. Copy your URL value to your clipboard.
  2. Next, enable your “Pay with GunTab” button in Armslist. On the “Create Listing” page, find “GunTab URL” at the bottom. Paste your URL value into this field.

When a buyer clicks your “Pay with GunTab” button, GunTab automatically pulls most of the purchase information from your Armslist listing (like title and price). Then, the buyer may be asked to enter some final details before being asked to select an FFL (if applicable) and pay.

Manual option

You can manually send payment requests after buyers commit to buying:

  1. Write “Pay with GunTab” in your listing description.
  2. When a buyer approaches you about buying what you’re selling, sign in to your GunTab account. Go to Dashboard, then click “New payment request”. Follow the instructions to send a clickable payment request to the buyer.

Last updated 10 May 2024