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How should I use GunTab when selling on Wasatch Firearm Network?

Are you selling merchandise on Wasatch Firearm Network (WFN)? You can accept payment through GunTab for any WFN listing. In fact, WFN is integrated with GunTab so it’s extra easy. Just make set your “GunTab Checkout URL” in your WFN account and WFN will automatically display GunTab payment buttons on your listings.

To find your “GunTab Checkout URL”:

  1. Sign in to GunTab.
  2. Go to the GunTab Checkout documentation.
  3. Go to the “HTML Snippets” and find your “URL” snippet. Click the button to copy the snippet. Then you can paste it into your WFN account.

GunTab automatically collects sales tax when appropriate, so all you need to do is set your sales tax policy in GunTab (if you have one).

GunTab automatically pays your WFN seller fee, so you don’t have to think about that either.

Last updated 17 May 2022