What if automatically calculated sales tax seems incorrect?

If GunTab’s automatically calculated sales tax amount seems incorrect, follow these steps:

  1. Get the expected sales tax rate using a third-party service:
    1. GunTab uses Avalara (find a rate)
    2. GunBroker uses TaxCloud (find a rate, scroll down)
    3. Others use TaxJar (find a rate)
  2. Get the expected sales tax amount by multiplying the sales tax rate by your merchandise amount.
    • If your amount is slightly lower than expected, you may need to multiply the sales tax rate by the combination of your merchandise amount plus your shipping amount.
    • If your amount is significantly different than expected, please contact support for further assistance.

GunTab does not guarantee that sales tax is collected with perfect accuracy, due to changes in laws and errors in our third-party data sources. GunTab is not liable for sales tax calculation errors of less than 1% of the Taxable Amount or less than $1.

Last updated 14 Apr 2023