What is a Marketplace Buyer Fee?

GunTab uses the term “Marketplace Buyer Fee” to refer to any additional fees charged to the buyer by a marketplace. Currently these Marketplace Buyer Fees exist:

GunBroker Compliance Fee

In July 2021, GunBroker started charging buyers a 1% Compliance Fee. When displaying this to users, GunBroker combines this fee with sales taxes on a single line for “Taxes/Fees”. Because GunBroker’s fee is collected like sales tax (through the seller after a transaction, instead of directly from the buyer), GunTab automatically collects it from the buyer the same way it automatically collects sales tax for GunBroker transactions. This way the seller will received the funds through GunTab, to be paid to GunBroker when they invoice the seller for it.

Gun Owners Club Processing Fee

In June 2022, Gun OwnersClub started charging buyers a 1% Processing Fee. GunTab automatically collects this fee from the buyer and pays it directly to Gun Owners Club, so the buyer does not need to make a separate payment to Gun Owners Club.

Last updated 23 Aug 2022