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What websites is GunTab compatible with?

GunTab is universally compatible. As long as a buyer and seller are both willing to use GunTab, you can complete any online transaction. A buyer can send a payment offer or a seller can send a payment request.

Sellers have another way to engage with buyers. GunTab Checkout enables sellers to add “Pay with GunTab” buttons to their listings on certain supported websites. Learn more in our Checkout documentation.

Software developers have a third way to engage with buyers. GunTab offers a REST API that allows you to generate GunTab payment requests (invoices) automatically. You can either redirect your buyers directly to GunTab to complete the transaction, or ask them to check their inbox for an email from GunTab.

Note: GunTab is exclusively for transactions occurring within the United States, between individuals who are lawfully permitted to own the property involved.

Last updated 31 Jan 2021