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When is transfer required?

GunTab requires that certain types of merchandise be formally transferred to the buyer via a Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) or, for same-state NFA transactions, the BATF. “Formal transfer” means a federally-authorized entity records the transfer and performs an FBI NICS background check on the buyer. GunTab requires formal transfer even for same-state transactions where formal transfer is not legally required.

Transfer is required for all of these types of merchandise:

  • Firearms (currently including black-powder, curios & relics)
  • Any other weapons
  • Ammunition (in states that require transfer of ammunition)
  • Frames/receivers
  • Suppressors

GunTab simply ensures that these types of merchandise are formally transferred. It is the responsibility of Federal Firearm Licensees and the BATF to ensure that every transfer is lawful.

Last updated 17 Feb 2021