How to handle payments on Armslist

How to handle payments on Armslist

Armslist is the largest website dedicated to gun-related classified ads. It is popular for having incredible deals on guns.  It supports both in-person and shipped transactions. But many buyers avoid shipped transactions because they don't know how to protect themselves from scams. In fact, most people don't  know there's an option for safe, easy online payments for guns and ammo. That's why Armslist has integrated GunTab as a payment option.

Is Armslist involved in transactions?

No, Armslist isn't involved in transactions between buyers and sellers. Like most marketplaces, Armslist helps buyers and sellers find each other and agree on a price, but stops there. The Armslist FAQ clearly states:

ARMSLIST is purely a service provider that allows sellers to list items. As such, ARMSLIST can not and will not be a party in transactions. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer and seller to conduct safe and legal transactions. ... we do not handle payments, guarantee transactions, provide escrow services, or offer "buyer protection" or "seller certification"

While Armslist does not handle payments or guarantee transactions, it officially supports GunTab as a solution that does.

Can Armslist help if I get scammed?

No, Armslist cannot help if you get scammed. It does not offer buyer protection. It isn't even allowed to provide information about a user that you report as a scammer. It says: "ARMSLIST can only provide information to law enforcement during due process of law."

As with any other online marketplace, it is your responsibility to make sure your payments are protected from scams.

How can I handle payments without getting scammed?

Historically, many Armslist users have tried to avoid scams by always meeting in person locally and paying cash. But that's not very convenient, or particularly safe. And it's certainly limiting – instead of searching Armslist's entire nationwide database of deals, you're stuck with what's in your local area.

There is only one safe way to pay for gun-related items online. It's called GunTab.

GunTab is similar to PayPal because it empowers anyone to pay securely by credit card or bank account. But GunTab is better because it's firearm-friendly. PayPal/Venmo/Zelle/etc will seize your account after detecting a gun-related transaction. Also, GunTab is better because it protects both buyers and sellers. Plus, GunTab includes step-by-step guidance for guns, ammo, NFA items, and more. There's no contest. GunTab is your best option for handling payment on Armslist.

That's why Armslist integrated GunTab. Now sellers can easily add their "Pay with GunTab" button to any Armslist post. Those buttons allow buyers to quickly, easily, and safely pay for anything on Armslist. And thanks to GunTab's double guarantee, neither side can get scammed.


Armlist makes various "efforts to prevent scammers". One of its most effective efforts is integrating GunTab as a payment option. Not everyone on Armslist will use GunTab, but those who do are fully protected against scammers.

If you're interested, you should try it now. It's free to open an account.