Introducing Integrated Partners (with revenue sharing)

Introducing Integrated Partners (with revenue sharing)

Do you run a marketplace or retail website where gun-related items are sold? Then GunTab has big news for you. We're now offering 10% revenue sharing to Integrated Partners. And it's easy to get started.

What is an Integrated Partner?

An Integrated Partner is a company that satisfies the simple requirements:

  1. Add GunTab as a checkout option on your website.
  2. Recommend GunTab for protecting from scams.
  3. Don't discourage people from using GunTab.

If you satisfy these requirements, contact GunTab and we can enable your Integrated Partner status.

What are the benefits?

You will immediately start enjoying the benefits of Integrated Partner status, including:

  • Share in 10% of GunTab's revenue (payments are made immediately after transactions are successful)
  • Encourage more sales, higher earnings, and greater market share
  • Improve collection of buyer/seller fees
  • Request custom features
  • Get payment intelligence

All these benefits to your company are on top of the benefits your users will enjoy. First, your users can never get scammed with GunTab, or get banned for conducting a gun-related transaction, like they can with a payment platform. In fact, GunTab offers the only safe payments for gun-related transactions online - the only payments safe for both buyers and sellers.

In addition to safety, GunTab offers convenience. It is the only transaction platform offering interactive guidance for regulated transactions, and automations like shipment tracking and SMS notifications.

Basically, GunTab offers the safest and most helpful checkout process for gun-related transactions online. And you can get paid when your users try it.

How to get started?

It's easy to add GunTab as a checkout option on your website.

If you're using WooCommerce, simply install the WooCommerce plugin., Otherwise, you can use Checkout or the REST API.

The easiest integration is to add GunTab Checkout buttons. For retail websites, you can simply copy-paste your HTML snippet. For marketplaces, you can ask users to copy-paste their Checkout UUID and generate buttons for them.

A more difficult but customizable option is to use GunTab's REST API. This is useful for large retail websites and big marketplaces that want extremely fine-grained control over their GunTab integration.


GunTab believes it's possible to "do well while doing good". That's why we want to offer 10% revenue sharing to our Integrated Partners. Now you can earn extra revenue while helping your users transact safely and easily on your website.

Learn more on our Integrated Partners page.