Transaction #1 – GunTab's first attempt is a success!

Transaction #1 – GunTab's first attempt is a success!

We are very proud to announce that GunTab has completed its first transaction!

A few days ago a young man in Austin, TX, was searching GunBroker. He found exactly what he was looking for: a CZ-75 9mm at a competitive price of $425. He decided to buy it. He sent the seller a message asking if he could pay with GunTab, and the seller agreed. He logged into his GunTab account and sent an "Offer" directly to the seller's email. Then he selected a local firearm dealer for the seller to ship to (McBride's Guns), and paid with his bank account.

Fast-forward to today. The seller had shipped the firearm to the firearm dealer's store. The young man walked into the store and told them he was there to pick up a transfer. An employee brought it up from the storage room, then opened the box so he could inspect it. He looked it over thoroughly - inside and out - tried both magazines, tested the action, dry fired it a few times, and said he was happy with it. Then the employee asked him to fill out a one-page form (a Form 4473), and called the NICS hotline to run the required background check on him. NICS confirmed he has no criminal or mental health history to prohibit him from owning a firearm. Then he paid the transfer fee, and the employee handed him the box.

The young man took his new CZ straight to the range, and we all hope he and his Czech beauty will live happily ever after. In the meanwhile, now that this transaction has been successfully concluded, the seller will be receiving his payment shortly.

We've put a lot of work into making sure GunTab is as safe, simple and compliant as possible. We feel like this first transaction really captured that vision. It was a great example of how to buy a gun online without the risk and uncertainty of a direct transaction with a stranger. We couldn't be happier for the support of the Austin tech community and this particular seller in Athens, Alabama. Thank you all, and we hope to be seeing you again.