Why some scams list GunTab as a payment option

Why some scams list GunTab as a payment option

Recently some gun scams have started listing GunTab as a payment option. That can be confusing, because GunTab is escrow and fully protects against scams. But scammers know that. They're just trying to trick you into believing they're trustworthy, before asking you to pay some other way that doesn't protect you.

Scammers are clever

As Sun Tzu says, "All warfare is based on deception.” Scammers know this well. So don't underestimate the enemy, because not everything is what it seems. Scammers must be clever these days.

For example, it's easy to underestimate a website full of spelling errors and other red flags. But those red flags can actually be deliberate. Research indicates that people who don't notice spelling errors are more vulnerable to being scammed. Some scammers intentionally add red flags to scare away savvier buyers. Then only the most vulnerable buyers remain. It's a vetting process.

Are scammers using GunTab?

No, scammers are definitely not using GunTab. Some scammers are listing GunTab as a payment option, but they're not actually using it. That would be pointless. GunTab holds the buyer's payment until the buyer receives the merchandise. If the scammer doesn't send the merchandise, GunTab doesn't disburse the funds. Scammers can never get paid.

A few scammers have been dumb enough to try using GunTab, but it was a waste of time. It usually goes the same way:

  1. They tell a sob story to explain why they need the money urgently.
  2. They politely request an early disbursement and GunTab declines.
  3. They angrily demand an early disbursement and GunTab declines.
  4. They fail to ship any merchandise, then GunTab suspends them and refunds the buyer.

As a bonus, if the scammer is tied to a scam website, we report the scam website too.

So why are scammers listing GunTab as a payment option?

If a scammer can make you think they're legitimate and trustworthy, they can steal money from you. That's why they list GunTab as one of their payment options. Simply mentioning GunTab makes them look more legitimate and trustworthy.

Everyone knows scammers can't use GunTab. That's why people who say they accept GunTab seem more trustworthy. ENclip on Reddit explains it perfectly:

[scammers] know what it is and offer it with the 6 other sketchy payments [because] they think it makes their site look legit

The trick is that these scammers don't actually accept GunTab as a payment option. They'll say things like:

Yes, I accept it. But you should pay by PayPal, Venmo, or bitcoin because of X.

The X is some fake excuse. They might complain about service fees, invent a story about a bad experience, or something else. The point is: they will inevitably have some excuse for why they don't actually accept payment through GunTab, even though they said they did. Even if you insist, so will they – because they know they can never get paid through GunTab.

An actual example

The following snapshot is from an actual gun scam website. (Not giving the domain because we obviously don't want to drive traffic to a scam website.)

A snapshot from an actual gun scam website that mentions GunTab

This example follows the scammer playbook, with a series of red flags:

  1. Suggests payment methods that are all scammy: Bitcoin, Apple Pay, and Zelle. These methods are preferred by scammers because they have zero buyer protection.
  2. Mentions GunTab as a source of information, but not as an accepted payment method. This is intended to build some trust without needing an excuse if the buyer asks to pay through GunTab.
  3. Notes that "all the major electronic Payment systems prohibit firearm sales", just after saying it accepts payments through Apple Pay and Zelle – basically contradicting itself.

Anyone who doesn't recognize these red flags is easy prey for a scammer.


Don't be fooled by a scammer just because they say they accept payment through GunTab. Talk is cheap. It's only when someone actually accepts payment through GunTab – and ensures you have total buyer protection – that you can be confident they're not a scammer.

GunTab offers the only safe payments for gun stuff online. We fully protect buyers from scams, and sellers from chargebacks. Plus, GunTab is the only service that empowers private individuals with credit card and bank account payments for guns and ammo. It's free to open an account, try it now.