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"Banks Increasingly Back Political Scheme To Track Gun Purchases by Credit Card"

Reason Magazine
6 Mar 2023

The first credit card processor to announce plans to track purchases at gun shops is Discover Financial Services. The company hints that its competitors, specifically Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, are on the same schedule to implement a controversial gun-specific merchant category code announced last year. ...

When the [gun-specific merchant category] code was approved, firearms-specific payment firm GunTab warned that it was a step towards filing government-mandated Suspicious Activity Reports with the authorities on gun purchases.

"Your bank files a Suspicious Activity Report with your name for every day your cash activity exceeds $10k," the company noted. "Anti-gun advocates want to apply this same ambiguous approach toward preventing gun violence."

It didn't take long for advocates of the code to confirm that suspicion.

"New Gun Store Tracking Code Deputizes Private Firms To Do Government's Bidding"

Reason Magazine
14 Sep 2022

"We've seen unusually high interest in GunTab since the new MCC was announced," I was told via email by a representative of GunTab, a payment service specifically intended for firearms-related transactions. "In particular, online forums have been very active with people discussing ways to avoid the de facto gun registry this code implies. GunTab is being suggested because we're an escrow service, not a gun store. But we're still concerned about this new MCC because of what it really represents.

The people at GunTab warn that the new merchant code might be used to choke off services to gun dealers and create a crude registry of owners. But they especially worry it will be used to generate Suspicious Activity Reports by financial institutions to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network that could land law enforcement on people's doorsteps through "predictive policing" efforts that interpret innocent activity as a threat. Think of it as swatting formalized through financial regulations.

"Don't Fall Victim To Online Gun Scammers"

Guns Magazine
2 Sep 2022

Because of the rising fraud, there are escrow companies like GunTab. The buyer sends the money to the escrow service, the seller sends the gun to the buyer, the buyer accepts the gun and the escrow releases the funds to the seller. If something goes wrong, they can arbitrate a resolution. ... Do they take PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, Apple Pay and BitCoin? As mentioned before, this is an enormous red flag. Sometimes, they state they usually take credit cards but currently can't. Please don't fall for it.

"Litigation, NRA, Enemies, Chief Liar"

2A News
2 Sep 2022

We are continuing to see fraudulent websites popping up offering to take your money for great deals on guns, parts, ammo, etc., including some fraudulent sellers on legitimate auction websites. I found one site last week that did a pretty good job of duplicating a well-known reputable national seller. Check the text and photos to see if they're original or pasted from another source. BE VERY SURE who you're dealing with before making a purchase. DO NOT use Venmo, PayPal, crypto, wire transfer, debit card or whatever. Use a credit card. Use an escrow service, like GunTab.

"Tech strategies for reducing harm"

UC Berkeley Blog
29 Jun 2022

Most payment platforms similarly prohibit transactions to buy or sell firearms. Although this may deter some sales, alternative transaction sites have stepped in: The website GunTab outlines the policies of various online platforms and positions itself as the go-to...

"Web Blasts"

Muzzle Blasts Magazine
1 Mar 2022

How many of you use PayPal or Venmo for firearm purchases? Did you know that it is against their policy and that they can lock down your account and funds if they find out that you used their service for such matters? Why risk it when there's GunTab. Yes, there is a 2.9% fee, but you have peace of mind that your funds won't be seized and if it's a scam, you are protected.

"Muzzled—The Breadth of Big Tech's Strategy to Marginalize Gun Owners"

America's 1st Freedom (An Official Journal of the NRA)
29 Mar 2021

Freedom of speech isn't just a procedural formality to constrain government, even as government outsources censorship to private-sector companies that side with a certain political party. It's an enduring principle that all may speak freely and not be silenced as long as they aren't breaking laws. For humanity to learn and grow, we need a fertile diversity of ideas and a free market to exchange them in.

The good news is, the free market also provides solutions. Alternatives like GunTube, GunBroker, GunTab and GunDynamics have been created.