Firearm shipping restrictions guidance

Federal law does not generally prohibit "nonlicensees" (non-FFLs) from shipping guns, as long as they are shipping to an FFL. However, carrier policy generally does prohibit nonlicensees from shipping guns. On top of that, some FFLS refuse to accept shipments from nonlicensees. GunTab provides this guidance with the warning that it may be incomplete or out of date. It is your responsibility to know and follow laws and policies that apply in your jurisdiction.

If you are ever in doubt about the legalities of shipping, you should take your package to a local FFL to ship it on your behalf.

Receiving FFLs

Some receiving FFLs refuse to accept shipments coming from individuals. They require all shipments come to them from another FFL. It is always advisable to contact a receiving FFL before shipping something to them for transfer.

Shipping carriers

All the private carriers prohibit firearm shipments by nonlicensees. USPS only allows rifle and shotgun shipments by nonlicensees. Please see our comprehensive list of shipping carrier rules on guns and ammo.

Federal law

Federal law is slightly different for common carriers versus USPS:

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