OutdoorPay vs GunTab

OutdoorPay is very convenient after setup is complete, but it's generally more expensive than GunTab, and always less safe.

What is OutdoorPay?

OutdoorPay is GunBroker's own payment service, introduced in 2023. It allows sellers to collect credit card payments for transactions on GunBroker. It's a convenient way to handle payments on GunBroker, because it's fully integrated.

Do scammers use OutdoorPay?

OutdoorPay is new, so we can only make predictions. Scam sellers will be unusual because registering with OutdoorPay is so invasive. (It even requires facial biometrics.) However, scam buyers will probably be as common as any other payment platform, including PayPal.

Side-by-side comparison

GunTab OutdoorPay
Guns & ammo allowed
Gun parts allowed
Bank payments X
Card payments
No amount limit X
Buyers safe X
Sellers safe X
Safety guaranteed X
Automations X
Service fee 2.9% or less 5%
Fee on success only X

How good is OutdoorPay?

OutdoorPay is a mixed bag. It is very convenient on GunBroker because it's deeply integrated. However, it can't be used outside GunBroker and many people consider the setup process to be privacy-invasive. OutdoorPay is expensive to use, around 67% more expensive than other payment platforms and up to 100% more expensive than GunTab. OutdoorPay offers much faster disbursements to sellers than GunTab, however disbursements can be clawed back because there is no seller protection.

More expensive

OutdoorPay is generally more expensive than GunTab:

However, that isn't the full story. OutdoorPay's fee covers credit card processing. GunTab's fee does not, but instead covers buyer and seller protection.

If a buyer chooses to pay by credit card, GunTab must add a convenience fee of 3% (the same as PayPal). However, this fee is usually paid by the buyer.

So at their most expensive, OutdoorPay costs 5% total and GunTab costs 5.9% total. GunTab's additional 0.9% covers both buyer protection and seller protection.

Buyers vulnerable

OutdoorPay has no buyer protection policy, so buyers are vulnerable to scam sellers. If a seller can make it through the OutdoorPay registration process, they can scam buyers. This includes outright scams where the seller marks something as shipped, receives the funds from OutdoorPay, then disappears. This also includes bait-and-switch scams where the seller ships as expected, but the buyer gets something different from what they purchased (maybe a lesser model, maybe damaged, etc.).

In contrast, GunTab fully protects buyers on every transaction, guaranteed.

Sellers vulnerable

OutdoorPay has no seller protection policy, so sellers are vulnerable to scam buyers. Buyers may be able to use stolen credit cards, which will result in the actual cardholders filing chargebacks. And buyers will definitely be able to commit "friendly fraud" by issuing chargebacks when they're unhappy.

If a buyer files a chargeback, OutdoorPay will seize funds from the seller's bank account. The GunBroker seller agreement says:

"the chargeback transaction amount plus a chargeback fee payable to GunBroker.com will be deducted from the Seller's designated bank account. ... The [buyer's] card issuer will then examine the submitted rebuttal evidence from Seller and make a decision."

As you might expect, the buyer's card issuer is very likely to support their customer, the buyer. Sellers lose the vast majority of chargebacks.

In contrast, GunTab fully protects sellers on every transaction, guaranteed.

Which is better?

The better option depends on your personal preferences.

If you want... then use...
best integration with GunBroker OutdoorPay
quickest disbursements to seller OutdoorPay
easiest setup GunTab
lowest price GunTab
buyer and seller protection GunTab
usable outside GunBroker GunTab
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