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What happens if a buyer files a dispute?

Every buyer has a 3-day inspection period that begins when GunTab learns that a shipment is delivered. (GunTab automatically tracks shipments when the seller provides the tracking number.) If the buyer files a dispute during this period, the dispute process begins.

The buyer must provide evidence (usually photographs) to prove the item is “significantly not as described” by the seller. GunTab will usually also speak with the buyer’s FFL as well to gather additional information. GunTab will then agree or disagree with the buyer’s dispute. If GunTab agrees, the refund process begins. Learn more about what happens when a buyer wins a dispute. However, if GunTab disagrees, the transaction will continue as normal and GunTab will disburse the funds to the seller.

To learn more, see what happens if a buyer wins a dispute.

Last updated 1 Jul 2021