What happens if a buyer wins a dispute?

Disputes are rare, but occasionally a buyer will dispute a transaction. When a buyer provides sufficient evidence to win the dispute, GunTab will initiate the return process.

For shipments that were delivered to a gun dealer, GunTab will ensure the gun dealer is still in possession of the item and is aware the item should not be transferred to the buyer.

Return of merchandise

The merchandise must be returned to the seller before GunTab can refund the buyer. This allows the seller to confirm the merchandise is being returned in the same condition.

It is the seller’s responsibility to coordinate return shipping. It is also the seller’s responsibility to pay for return shipping and insurance. (In some cases the buyer is willing to pay for return shipping and insurance to facilitate the return, in which case these expenses will be reimbursed later.)

If the merchandise was shipped to a gun dealer, the seller should coordinate with the gun dealer.
Generally a gun dealer will give the seller a price for return shipping, ask for credit card information over the phone, and ship it directly back to the sender.

If the merchandise was shipped directly to the buyer, the seller should coordinate with the buyer.

Seller inspection period

GunTab protects the seller by offering a 3-day seller inspection period. Like the buyer inspection period, this begins on delivery. The seller must report any problem with the merchandise to GunTab in this period.


If the seller does not report any problem with the merchandise, GunTab will issue a full refund to the buyer.

Reimbursement of buyer expenses

Separate from the refund, the seller must pay for any additional transaction expenses incurred by the buyer, including any of these that might be applicable:

  • Return shipment and insurance
  • Receiving FFL transfer fee

The buyer must provide GunTab with evidence of every expense before it can be reimbursed. After finalizing a reimbursement amount, GunTab will collect this amount from the seller’s bank account and reimburse the buyer. This reimbursement will be issued separately from the refund.

Last updated 25 May 2023