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What kind of transactions can GunTab be used for?

GunTab can be used to complete any online transaction for:

  • Firearms (including NFA firearms like short-barreled rifles/shotguns, machine guns, and AOW)
  • Firearm frames and receivers
  • Magazines
  • Ammunition
  • Suppressors (“silencers”)
  • Parts and accessories (like magazines, optics, etc.)
  • Apparel
  • Any other lawful merchandise

GunTab is ideal for these markets:

  • Private party (ArmsList, GunBroker, etc.)
  • Retail (custom websites, GunBroker stores, etc.)
  • Import (a U.S. buyer importing merchandise from another country)

GunTab can’t be used for services or other non-merchandise transactions. That means GunTab is not suitable for transactions for:

  • Gunsmithing services
  • Crowdfunding (due to legalities of serving as a crowdfunding intermediary)
  • Dues/memberships
  • Tickets for raffles

Last updated 7 Jul 2022