GunTab Checkout

If you make it safe and easy for buyers to pay, they are far more likely to buy from you.

What is Checkout?

Checkout is a tool for sellers. Simply by copy-pasting an HTML snippet into your listing, you instantly empower your buyer with safe and easy payments. Buyers will see a "Pay with GunTab" button or link on your listing, like this one:

See an example of what it looks like on Armslist.

Why use Checkout?

Buyers don't want to give you their credit card number or mail you a money order. They know that's how people get scammed.

Buyers want a safe and easy way to pay. When it comes to gun-related transactions, there is nothing safer and easier than GunTab. That is why GunTab Checkout tends to increase your sales.

Who should use Checkout?

You should use Checkout if you are selling on a marketplace or your own website. Checkout isn't available for every marketplace and website, but it is available for the vast majority. (If Checkout isn't available for your marketplace or website, please contact us. In the meanwhile, you can send payment requests.)

What marketplaces are compatible?

What website builders are compatible?

What other websites are compatible?

You can add a Checkout button/link to any product details page with a single price displayed. (The single price can be displayed multiple times.) GunTab will figure out the rest.

What are the downsides of Checkout?

Checkout is not as sophisticated as our WooCommerce plugin or REST API, so it has some minor downsides.

Manual updates

Checkout does not integrate with third-party systems. You will need to manually update your marketplace listing and/or retail inventory system to reflect a Checkout. For example, you will need to mark your GunBroker listing as "sold" after a Checkout. However, GunTab can build custom notifications in certain circumstances - just ask us.

One item at a time

Checkout does not support multi-item "shopping cart" checkout. Buyers can only purchase one item at a time.

How do I add Checkout to my listings?

There are two ways to add GunTab Checkout to your listings:

Copy-paste an HTML snippet

To add Checkout to your marketplace listing, copy-paste one of your HTML snippets below into your listing's item description.

You must copy-paste your HTML snippets exactly as shown. Marketplaces are sensitive about third-party links, and will strip them from your item description if you use an incorrect format.

1. Copy your HTML snippet below

First, please sign in to view your HTML snippets. In the "Marketplace" column below, find the marketplace you are using. In that marketplace row, click the Copy to clipboard example button to copy your HTML snippet (it's on the right side).

2. Paste your HTML snippet into your listing

Go to your marketplace listing. Click to edit the "item description" (or equivalent). Click at the end of the text (or wherever you want the HTML snippet to appear). Paste your HTML snippet.

Tip: After you save the change to your item description, check how your listing looks to the public. Make sure your HTML snippet appears as you want.

Your HTML snippets

If the recommended HTML snippet doesn't work for you, try the next one down.

Marketplace Type Example HTML snippet
  • Armslist
  • BuySellAmmo
  • Gun Owners Club
  • Wasatch Firearm Network
Checkout UUID 55555555-5555-5555-5555-555555555555 Sign in to view
Button 'Pay with GunTab' checkout button Sign in to view
Link Pay with GunTab Sign in to view
  • Armslist
  • Tacswap
  • Texas Gun Trader (guide)
URL Sign in to view

Integrate by generating HTML buttons

If you control your website, you should generate your own HTML buttons. It's easy, and GunTab can do the software development for you. You can even be eligible for revenue sharing. To generate your own HTML buttons, you simply add the Checkout UUID and the listing page URL to this template:

What is the CHECKOUT_UUID?

If you are a seller, you should use your own Checkout UUID (displayed in the table above). If you are a marketplace that supports multiple sellers, you should use each seller's Checkout UUID. In other words, you should allow sellers to copy-paste their GunTab Checkout UUID on their account page in your website.


Determining the listing page URL is easy. For example, in Javascript you use window.location.href, or in Ruby on Rails you use request.original_url.

Are there optional parameters?

If GunTab is unable to determine the merchandise type or shipping and insurance amount from the listing webpage, it will ask the buyer during the Checkout process. To avoid that, you can add GET params to the URL in the href attribute:

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