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Integrated Partners

Integrated Partner earning revenue share (partnership-handshake from Flaticon)

If you operate a marketplace or retail website, adding GunTab as a checkout option isn't just good for your users - it's good for you too.

Buyers expose themselves to scams when they pay by mail, payment platform, direct credit card, or cryptocurrency. Sellers expose themselves to chargebacks when they get paid by check or payment platform. Yet these dangerous options remain the most common payment methods for gun-related transactions online.

GunTab offers the only safe payments for gun-related transactions online, with full protection for both buyers and sellers. Plus, it offers interactive guidance for regulated transactions, and automations like shipment tracking and SMS notifications. There is no reason you wouldn't want to offer it as a checkout option. And there are plenty of benefits, including extra revenue.


Becoming a GunTab Integrated Partner means earning more revenue, growing your business, and protecting your users. There is no downside. It's easy to add GunTab as a new checkout option, and you get rewarded if people use it.


To become an Integrated Partner, you must satisfy all requirements:

  1. Add GunTab as a checkout option on your website. You can pick your preferred integration approach:
  2. Describe GunTab as a "recommended" checkout option. You can say something as simple as, "recommended for scam protection".
  3. Do not discourage escrow, shipping, indirect credit card payments, or any other GunTab-supported features. You can still discourage dangerous practices like mailing money orders, using PayPal/Venmo/Zelle, etc.
  4. Open a free account and add a verified bank account to receive your Revenue Sharing payments.
  5. Contact us to review your Integrated Partner status and activate your benefits.

Not sure you can strictly satisfy one of these requirements? Contact us to request special accommodation.

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