Integrated Partners

Integrated Partner earning revenue share (partnership-handshake from Flaticon)

Establish a huge competitive advantage and earn extra revenue on successful transactions. Integration is free and easy. Why wait for your competition to beat you to it?

An exceptional payment option

For gun-related transactions online, GunTab is one of a kind:

Plus, GunTab offers automations like FFL search, shipment tracking, and SMS notifications. There is no better payment option for gun-related transactions. And you can integrate it into your platform with little or no effort.

This opportunity won't last forever. Competitive advantages are only earned by early adopters.

Partner benefits

It's easy to become a GunTab Integrated Partner, and the benefits are considerable:

Integrate effortlessly. GunTab's development team can build your integration for you, completely free. You get world-class design and implementation at zero cost.

Integration steps

A typical integration consists of 2 simple parts:

  1. Allowing users to copy-paste their "Checkout UUID" from when signing up and/or editing their account. (You can validate these values are 36 characters.) Learn more about Checkout UUIDs in our Checkout documentation.
  2. Displaying "Pay with GunTab" buttons on listings where the seller has a Checkout UUID. These buttons are powered by one of our integration options, where Checkout is simplest and the REST API is most powerful.

Partner requirements

Any online marketplace or retail website can become an Integrated Partner by satisfying the requirements:

  1. Add GunTab as a payment option on your website. (GunTab's development team can build your integration for you.) You can pick your preferred integration approach:
  2. Describe GunTab as a "recommended" payment option. You can say something as simple as, "recommended for scam protection".
  3. Do not discourage escrow, shipping, credit card payments, or any other GunTab-supported features. You can still discourage dangerous practices like mailing money orders, using PayPal/Venmo/Zelle, etc.
  4. Open an account and add a verified bank account to receive your Revenue Sharing payments.
  5. Contact us to review your Integrated Partner status and activate your benefits.

Not sure you can strictly satisfy one of these requirements? Contact us to request special accommodation.

Existing partners

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The Integrated Partner program was launched September, 2022. A number of marketplaces are now established integrated partners. A number of others are actively building integrations.

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