What are the transaction steps?

Successful transaction steps

A successful transaction has the following steps:

  1. Pending buyer preferences (5 minutes or less). The buyer needs to select a receiving gun dealer or enter a shipping address, depending on whether transfer is required. The buyer also needs to select a payment method.
  2. Pending verifications (if applicable; 2 hours or less). Usually this occurs when the buyer needs to verify the payment method. Credit card verification takes around 2 minutes. Bank account takes 1-2 business days. Sometimes this occurs when GunTab needs to perform additional verifications on the transaction. These usually take less than 2 hours.
  3. Pending payment processing (if applicable; 1-2 business days). This only occurs when the buyer pays by bank account, because credit card and wire transfer payments are effectively instant. GunTab needs to wait for the bank account transfer to be processed by the banking system.
  4. Pending shipment (up to 3 days). The seller needs to ship the merchandise and “mark as shipped” in GunTab. Ideally the seller provides the shipment tracking number. The seller should ship the merchandise within 3 days of receiving shipping instructions from GunTab.
  5. Pending delivery (1-8 days). The shipment needs to be delivered. If the seller provided the shipment tracking number, GunTab will automatically track the shipment and “mark as delivered” when reported delivered by the carrier. Otherwise the buyer must mark as delivered. This takes at least 1 day, and depends entirely on the shipping service purchased. Weather and other events can occasionally cause shipments to be delayed.
  6. Pending buyer inspection period (up to 3 days). The buyer has a 3-day inspection period after delivery. If there is a problem with the merchandise, the buyer needs to file a dispute with GunTab in this period. If the 3-day period expires without a dispute, or if the buyer chooses to “mark as accepted,” GunTab disburses the funds to the seller. Learn more.
  7. Pending disbursement processing (1-2 business days). The seller needs to wait for the bank account transfer to be processed by the banking system. If the seller has not already verified their bank account as requested, disbursement processing will be delayed until it is verified.
  8. Succeeded. The buyer is satisfied with the merchandise and the seller has been paid. The transaction is complete.

Unsuccessful transaction steps

An unsuccessful transaction has different steps. There are 2 types of unsuccessful transaction:

  1. Canceled. Any transaction can be canceled before the payment has been processed. Causing a transaction to be canceled does not generally risk account suspension by GunTab.
  2. Failed. Some transactions can fail after the payment has been processed. For example, a transaction fails if the seller refuses to ship the merchandise, or if the buyer successfully disputes the merchandise for being “significantly not as described.” In these cases, the transaction will go through a step for “Pending refund processing” before ending in the “Failed” state. Causing a transaction to fail risks account suspension by GunTab.

Last updated 6 Mar 2023