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How does the buyer inspection period work?

GunTab protects from fraud by offering buyers a 3-day inspection period. This 3-day period represents calendar days, and does not make exceptions for weekends, holidays, gun dealer processing times, or statutory “waiting periods”.

The buyer inspection period starts when the item is delivered (if shipped) or marked as ready for pickup (if not shipped).

The buyer inspection period ends when the buyer either accepts or disputes the transaction. The buyer accepts the transaction by doing any of the following:

  • Allowing the 3-day buyer period to expire without filing a dispute through GunTab.
  • Marking the transaction as “accepted” in GunTab.
  • Removing the merchandise from factory-sealed packaging.
  • Using the merchandise. For example: firing the gun, mounting the optic, installing the trigger, etc.
  • Accepting transfer from a gun dealer, or carrying the merchandise off a gun dealer’s premises.

After the buyer accepts the transaction, GunTab disburses the funds to the seller and the transaction is complete.

Last updated 20 Dec 2021