Using PayPal is a big mistake

Using PayPal is a big mistake

There's no question: using PayPal for gun-related transactions is a mistake.  Every time you try it, you risk getting banned by PayPal or scammed by the seller.

Why is PayPal a mistake?

PayPal prohibits firearm-related transactions.  Even if you pay for purchase protection through their Goods & Services (G&S) program, you can't use it because PayPal doesn't protect "items that violate our policies". And it gets worse.

If PayPal catches you violating their policy, they will ban you permanently. They may also also ban your immediate family members. They will seize all funds in your account for at least 180 days.  They may even charge you damages of $2,500 per transaction. As if this wasn't punishment enough, using PayPal actually increases your odds of getting scammed.

Scammers know you don't want to get banned from PayPal. When you violate PayPal's policy, you give a scammer extra leverage over you. You empower them to threaten you with a PayPal ban, simply by reporting your policy violation to PayPal. After all, scammers don't care about their own PayPal accounts. A good scammer has dozens of them, each under a different fake identity. Your PayPal account is under your real identity. You have much more to lose.

In short, using PayPal for firearm-related transactions is dangerous.  In fact, it's foolish - because you have a good alternative.

What's the best alternative to PayPal?

There aren't many firearm-friendly payment options online. It isn't only PayPal that prohibits firearms, so do Venmo, Cashapp, Zelle, and all other payment plaforms. However, there is one firearm-friendly service that is as easy as PayPal, but is also firearm-friendly and scam-proof. It's called GunTab.

GunTab is better than PayPal.  It's not just firearm-friendly, it's built specifically for firearm-related transactions.  It comes with FFL search, shipment tracking, and more - all built in.

Also, GunTab doesn't just protect you, it always provides the full protection of escrow by fully protecting both sides in every transaction, guaranteed.

And GunTab only costs 2.9% per transaction. That's less than PayPal G&S.  So why use PayPal for anything gun-related?

For the safest, easiest gun-related transactions, use GunTab.  It's free to open an account, try it now.