There's no question: using PayPal for guns and ammo is a mistake.

PayPal prohibits all firearm-related transactions.  If they catch you, they will seize your funds.  If there is a dispute, not only will PayPal refuse to help you, they will permanently suspend your account (and sometimes also the accounts of your family members).  Using PayPal for firearm-related transactions is dangerous.  In fact, it's foolish - because you have a better option.

GunTab is better than PayPal.  It's not just firearm-friendly, it's built specifically for firearm-related transactions.  It doesn't sometimes partially protect you, it always provides the full protection of escrow.  It comes with FFL search, shipment tracking, and more - all built in.  And it costs 2.9%, just like PayPal.  So why use PayPal?

GunTab is the one and only firearm transaction platform, and has been since 2015.  It's free to open an account. Try it now.