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How does the GunTab process work?

GunTab is escrow, so our process is slightly different from a payment platform:

  1. First, the Buyer can send a payment offer or the Seller can send a payment request, then the counterparty accepts.
  2. For a firearm, or anything else that requires transfer through a gun dealer, GunTab helps the Buyer find a local gun dealer who can accept the firearm shipment and conduct the background check. For other transactions, GunTab asks the Buyer for an ordinary shipping address. Then GunTab collects the Buyer’s payment information and gets the payment processed.
  3. After the payment has been processed, GunTab sends shipping instructions to the Seller.
  4. When the shipment is delivered, the Buyer’s 3-day inspection period begins.
  5. Unless the Buyer files a dispute within the inspection period, GunTab disburses the funds to the Seller directly to their bank account.

Learn more about our process on our how it works page.

Last updated 28 Jan 2021