PayPal for guns

You can't use PayPal for guns or ammo, but there is one company considered "the PayPal for guns". It's called GunTab.

Does PayPal allow guns?

No, PayPal strictly prohibits guns, ammo, and "certain firearm parts or accessories". If PayPal notices you buying or selling these prohibited items, they will take action:

In many cases, PayPal has taken action against people without clear evidence. For example, people buying and selling gun-related t-shirts have had their accounts suspended. This is why most gun dealers avoid using PayPal altogether, even if they're only using it for non-prohibited transactions.

"[PayPal] will freeze your money and will 100% not back your purchase." Vandy321

Is there a gun-friendly alternative?

Yes, "the PayPal for guns" is called GunTab. Like PayPal, GunTab allows people to open an account for sending and receiving payments. However, it is slightly different from PayPal.

What is unique about GunTab?

For gun-related transactions, there is no other company like GunTab:

How does GunTab compare to PayPal?

Even if PayPal allowed gun-related transactions, GunTab would still be cheaper, safer, and more helpful. See the side-by-side comparison.

In fact, GunTab compares favorably to all available alternatives, including Venmo and Zelle.

Is GunTab popular?

You can judge for yourself by Googling the company or reading the reviews and testimonials.

"I run r/GunAccessoriesForSale on Reddit and most of our users use Paypal G&S, but they don't allow gun parts so that gets sketchy. We've been talking to the owner of GunTab lately and that sounds like a MUCH better system." somecrazygeek

Does GunTab work similar to PayPal?

Yes, for both it's free to open an account and send payment requests/offers. For both you only pay for transactions - no hidden fees. For both you need to add a bank account to accept funds, but you can send funds from bank account or credit card. However, there is at least one significant difference.

How does GunTab work different from PayPal?

Unlike PayPal, GunTab is escrow. That means the seller receives payment after shipment. Some sellers don't like that, because they usually get paid before shipment even though that's risky for buyers.

GunTab says sellers waiting to get paid is safer and more fair: "Both sides must do what they promised to get what they want."

Is GunTab cheaper than PayPal?

Yes, GunTab is cheaper. GunTab costs 2.9% or less, whereas PayPal "Goods & Services" costs 3%. Also, GunTab costs nothing unless a transaction is successful.

"Just used GunTab. Flawless transaction... a good 2A specific platform to replace PayPal/Zelle." VBSB761